Natural hair dye, Sanotint PPD free & Natural Skin Care Products

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Reduce the risk of allergies, scalp irritation and cancer with the best Natural hair dye, Sanotint PPD free & Natural Skin Care Products  from Italy. Sanotint gives natural looking color and it covers grey perfectly and safely. The first Permanent P-Phenylenediamine Free (NO PPD). Ammonia free & Locherber Natural Cosmetics GUARANTEE a Healthy Hair and Pretty Skin.   

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La Vita Nuova Inc offer you the best price of Natural Hair Dye, Sanotint PPD free & Locherber Natural Skin care products. Sanotint is a Permanent Hair Dye contains golden millet and vegetable extracts for a new revolutionary hair color, with perfect grey coverage.





We aim to have our best natural products enhance your life’s beautiful moments. With us achieve your desired results for the perfect hair color and skincare regime.


The lowest price for the best Natural Effective Hair colour. 

La vita Nuova Inc, Guarantees your satisfaction or your MONEY BACK, we bring to you extraordinary products from Italy to create beautiful, gorgeous hair and youthful looking skin.

The products we offer use natural ingredients, using the best research and development to produce one of the cleanest and effective natural products.

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Sanotint has a product for all your needs: For those looking for a more natural alternative, we have Sanotint Classic, for those with allergies to PPD there is Sanotint Light, for those who react to everything we have Sanotint Reflex. For instant grey coverage, we have the NEW Sanotint Hair Mascara. The Sanotint product line is complete with 9 different shampoos, conditioners and hair care treatments for all hair types.