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Here at the Vita Nuova Store, we are committed to offer to our clients unique, high quality products, combined with personal customer service, in order to achieve exceptional consumer satisfaction.  We are committed to providing you, the best personal care systems from the top of your head, right down to your toes. We work to be seen as a trustworthy, enthusiastic and environmentally conscious company.

Our dyes, shampoos, conditioners, treatments, contain the finest natural ingredients that deliver topical benefits to the hair and skin. We know that Sanotint Natural Hair Dyes are considered the gentlest and one of the safest product lines on the market, giving people a new found sense of youth, where before they had no other choice but to go grey.


To make a resume about our products we say that Sanotint is a Creative product development using natural extracts and a variety of natural ingredients including golden millet, a gift from nature rich in silica, which nourishes and protects the hair.
hair product line SANOTINT, ranges from herbal dyes, shampoos, conditioners and scalp cleansing treatments.


Why Do Bussines with Us?


With regards to how we do business, we will leave it up to you, how you want to pursue, 1. Strictly Commission,  2.  Distribution services, which ever method you feel will work best for your territory, as you understand it best.


What makes Sanotint a Great product to sell?


        Sanotint is an exceptional product made in Italy with the best reserch & development for more than 50 years. The formula goes through continuous improvement.


        Sanotint is a simple Do-It-Yourself, Natural Permanent Hair dye, with such quality that salons are beginning to ask for it as a natural alternative.


        We have a money back guarantee for customers that experience reactions or if it does not cover grey.


        Sanotint does not have an expiration date, with a 7 year shelf life if unopened and kept in a moderate environment.  Once opened, the remaining unused product, should be used within 7 months time.


        The customer can also create their own colors, by mixing several colors from within the same Sanotint product line .


        Sanotint has a product for all customer needs.  For those that are looking for a natural alternative, we have Sanotint Classic, for consumers with allergies to PPD there is Sanotint Light, for those who react to everything we have Sanotint Reflex.  For instant grey coverage, we have the NEW Sanotint Hair Mascara.  The Sanotint product line is completed with 9 different shampoos, conditioners and hair care treatments for all hair types.


        The Sanotint product line, has a 97% customer satisfaction, and we have a multitude of testimonials, which tell the stories of many people who have suffered for years with allergies.  Many also speak of how they were extremely surprised with the products grey coverage and how their hair went from dry dull to having a rejuvenated healthy full feel and look.


        We know we have such a high quality and effective product, that we stand behind it with a money back guarantee if the product does not cover their grey, or if the customer experiences a reaction.


        We offer a call in line, which is always available for over the phone training, or simply to answer any questions you or your clients may have.  We also offer numerous marketing tools such as agent catalogues, customer catalogues, product samples, shopping bags and other store merchandising materials.


        For each new store you bring on as a sales representative, you will receive a 25% commission for their first order, and for each subsequent order you will earn a minimum of 15%.  Call to request for details on how you can earn up to 25% .


        We can also offer NEW retailers an introductory offer with 15% wholesale price reduction on their first order.


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