Sanotint Hair Care Tips

Taking care of our personal appearance is more than simply applying a good quality hair dye, its giving life to our face by wearing a great big smile, applying a good quality make up and a great attitude towards life. Enjoy every moment that Mother Nature gives us. Follow the simple steps listed below, to maintain beautiful hair while minimizing grey.

There are several things to consider, how you can make the color last longer:

  • First wash your hair and then dry prior to applying the product.  Gray hair can take longer to absorb hair color.  So, when coloring your hair, apply dye to the gray areas first.  It may take up to 45 minutes for the color to penetrate gray hairs; with careful timing, you can achieve even coloring throughout your hair.  Note, if you have stubborn gray, the duration may need to extending to 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Instructions for mixing the tint and the activator (fixative) should be followed as per the instructions. Mix well!
  • The hair’s ability to absorb the product is also dependent on how long the color lasts. You may want to consider leaving the dye on longer, giving the hair more opportunity to absorb the dye into the pours of the hair.
  • Brush and comb your hair prior to applying the tint.  You need to make sure your hair is tangle-free. If your hair is tangled, the color may apply unevenly.
  • Remember, if you wash your hair frequently with harsh shampoos and conditioners, the dye will begin to fade sooner.
  • The use of SANOTINT’s Colour Care Shampoo and Colour Care Conditioner, helps the color’s intensity and richness last longer.
  • For darker colors, increasing the applications duration from 20 to 30 minute to 35 to 45 minutes, will increase the colours intensity and richness, making the colour look darker and stronger.

Prepare Your Hair For coloring

  • Don’t cut your hair on the same day before coloring, because your hair has split ends, it will affect the quality of your hair color.
  • Do not moisturize too much using heavy conditioners or moisturizers just a couple of days before coloring your hair, or the pours of the hair shaft may become blocked and may not effectively absorb of the color.
  • Do not use any styling aids such as hair spray, mousse or gel nor leave-in conditioner of any kind at least a few days before applying a tint to your hair. Use a light shampoo only to clean the hair of all products.
  • It is not recommended to frequently change the color of your hair, as it will damage your hair. It is always best to apply your original color.
  • If you have thick and abundant hair, be sure to buy at minimum two boxes of SANOTINT hair dye. That which you do not dispense, from the tube and bottle, can be recapped and used within the next 4 months.
  • If you have lighter colored hair and you are applying a darker color, be sure that you uniformly comb through the color from your roots, all the way to the tips of your hair.
  • Damaged hair has a patchy structure and absorbs the color irregularly and can produce uneven color tones.  For optimal results, It may be necessary to prepare your hair one week prior to hair coloring, by using a good hair treatment such as Sanotint shampoo for damaged hair and Sanotint Intensive Silk Masque.  This is great for colored, damaged hair as it regenerates and reinforces the hair.
  • After each tinting session, it is important to use the SANOTINT Colour Care Conditioner with a pH of 3.5, as it has been specially formulated to close the pores of the hair, sealing in the color. SANOTINT conditioners are enriched with nourishing substances such as Golden Millet, which will protect, nurture and renew your hair after the coloring session, resulting in shiny, radiant, and incredibly soft hair.  In addition, it will help prevent breakage from brushing and split ends.
  • Depending on the quantity of grey present in your hair it may influence the choice of colour you use. In cases where there is more than 20% of grey, the best coverage is offered by a permanent dye. SANOTINT dyes are guaranteed to completely cover your grey.


• Also, when you have a large quantity of grey hair, it is recommended to choose a tint that is similar to your original colour.

• All hair swatches found in the colour chart are created using actual locks of total grey hair. The final result will depend on your actual hair colour and may differ from each head of hair.

• When you have more than 50% grey hair, your selection of colour to choose from is greater and it is easier obtain lighter shades.

• When you have less than 20% grey hair and your existing hair colour is dark it becomes more difficult to obtain a lighter shade. An enlightening kit may need to be used to obtain the desired lighter shade, for example, when trying to obtain a red or blond shade on a dark.

• Cleansing the hair before a colouring session is not necessary, unless your hair is particularly dirty, oily, or sticky, then you may need to shampoo before a tinting session, do not use a conditioner or other hair care products before applying the dye.

• Do not massage dye into a heavy lather, instead lightly massage or comb through.

• ALWAYS apply the dye on DRY hair.

• If it is your first session with SANOTINT hair dyes, always apply the dye thoroughly from the roots to tip.

• Always start from the grey areas.

• In cases where grey has grown back, start coverage from root of grey and let stand for 20 minutes then apply rest of the dye on the remaining length and tips for an additional 10 to 20 minutes.

• Length of session can influence the result of a dye. For example: The longer the dye is left on, the darker the shade will be. The reverse effect will occur with lighter nuances.

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