The Best Natural hair dye without PPD & NO Ammonia, Sanotint. Our natural hair dye's testimonials came from 90% of people with high allergies to other natural hair Dyes or conventional hair dyes.

I have been using Sanotint Hair Color for many years now and I love this product!
I had developed an allergy to traditional hair color and was looking for an alternative that would provide the same coverage and when I discovered Sanotint hair dye, it was my savior! It works better than salon and store colors and it makes my hair feel healthy and shine. Plus it's far more practical and costs less, without enduring chemicals. I've also enlisted my sister and she now too is a Sanotint customer. She's loves it just as much as I do! We purchase our products from La vita Nuova Inc, Gloria  is very knowledgeable about Sanotint and gives us great service - she's wonderful!
Thank you Sanotint and Gloria - you make us feel beautiful 

, Sophie - Canada  


I  was colouring my hair at salons for about 8 years when suddenly my scalp started getting itchy and intensified to weeping.  After seeing my dermatologist who referred me to another dermatologist I was finally diagnosed as having an allergy.  The initial conclusion was that I was allergic to PPD, a common allergen for many people.  However, after a patch test was conducted it was discovered that I was not allergic to PPD but to p-Toluenediamine, which is also found in hair colouring. This along with an allergy to Quaternium-15, a preservative, resulted in the severe reaction on my scalp.  I conducted a lot of research to find a product that I would not be allergic to and can upon the La Vita Nuova Inc website carrying Sanotint natural hair dye products which lists the ingredients used in the formula.  Initially, I thought I would be able to use the Sanotint Light formula which is PPD free, however, I tried   the Sanotint Classic and have been using it for approximately 6 years with no reaction.  I found it left my hair softer than other “natural” brands which made my hair feel like straw.  Also, the smell is pleasant with none of the harsh ammonia smell.  I have black hair and Sanotint provides great coverage.  I am so happy that I found this Sanotint Hair dye products and would definitely recommend it.  The key is know what you are allergic to so you can check out the ingredients to see which formula works for you.

Lisa, Toronto

I am a breast cancer patient and have been using your Sanotint Light hair color product since my hair grew back, and I love this product and feel it is the safest one on the market that works well to cover greys (I am 39 years old, and don't want to feel old, so coloring my hair helps me feel better about myself. And this product is free of many harmful chemicals).           SANDY from US

I'm severely allergic to PPD and have searched and searched for hair dye that I can use where I wouldn't die! (Literally) i love that La vita nova inc. stocks and sells Sanotint light products. It so easy to use and the colours look natural with little effect on my natural hair. Thank you so much!.

Elizabeth Ontario Canada‎

Thank you La VITA Nuova INC for great products and service! I have been using Natural permanent Hair Dye Sanotint Light on my hair for several years. What a fantastic product! I had a severe allergic reaction to PPD which is a chemical found in all US hair dyes. Sanotint Light is PPD, ammonia, and paraben free. It is easy to apply and leaves my hair soft, silky and covers the gray completely. I also love the skin care products made by Locherber..

Gary ‎ California‎

I have been using Sanotint Light Natural hair dye for over five years. It's an AMAZING product!!! Natural, healthy, no allergic reaction anymore. I recommended some of my friends and they all LOVED it. It would be my life time friend.

Luqiu Chen‎ Canada‎

Sanotint is the best hair color I have ever used! Excellent coverage and leaves my hair in great condition. Dolores Harris Williams I have been allergic to PPD for 15 yrs. I have searched all the hair salons, drug stores, beauty supply store, dermatologist, natural organic stores, Internet etc for a product that would not make my scalp itch and blotchy red. I finally found Sanotint light 5 years ago and I can't live without it now! The colors are perfect-I blend natural brown and mahogany together and I've been getting raving compliments about the color and natural looking. It's perfect for hiding the grays. Thank you La Vita nuova for making it available and the convenience of sending it to my home! .

Grace Santos-Stutz USA‎

I LOVE the Sanotint light Natural hair color! I have used it for over 10 years. It is made in Italy with no PPd's that cause cancer & doesn't wash out. I'm severely allergic to PPD, these are the only products I can use on my hair. Love the Sanotint light!!!!! !.

Krista Rogers USA‎

Thank you so much for your great Sanotint hair color products and excellent prompt service over the years!! I deeply appreciate it. Thank you kindly, !.


After many allergies to hair dye I had almost given up. Then I found your Natural Permanent Hair Dye Sanotint. I have used them or 5 years with no problems at all. Thank you so much for offering these hair products that so many of us need that have allergies. !.

Cindy Boyd‎ USA

My wife has been using Natural Permanent Hair Dye Sanotint Light for a few years now. It is the only permanent hair dye that she has found that does not cause any kind of allergic reaction. It works great for her. Coverage is excellent. All good things to say!!! Thank you!.

Anthony Scala USA

I have been using the Colourcare Shampoo and the Maschera Seta Conditioner for 5 years now and they are AMAZING!! My hair is naturally spiral curly and very fine, however I prefer it straight all of the time and the only shampoo and conditioner that will let me straighten it with almost no frizz is that combination. I can tell the shampoo doesn't strip the natural oils at all, because of that, that helps keep my hair very healthy and strong. As I am trying to grow it very long and at my age, that isn't the easiest thing to do, especially when it is full of blond highlights. People always comment on how beautiful my hair is, so I attribute that partially to these products because without them, my hair would look like a frizzy dried out mess and I probably couldn't grow it as long either, with all of the spilt ends I would get with other shampoos. La Vita Nuova is also a great company, always getting my product out on time. Only once did they not have it in stock and they still sent out what they had and added a couple other products in for free as a gesture of kindness when they felt bad about not having stock. They then promptly sent me the product when it arrived. I always stock up so I am rarely in a huge rush for the products, so this was very kind and it allowed me to share the line with some of the people that have commented on how much they liked my hair. Hopefully they have found products that they like just as much as I do through La Vita Nuova. Cheers and thanks for having this product available for us. Cheers.

Jennifer Lynn Neumann - Canada

Sanotint Light is the only hair colorant that covers gray and does not bother my sensitive scalp.Sanotint is the only colorant that does not send me to the hospital for Prednisone! Prior to discovering La Vita Nuova Inc., I ordered from Europe and waited weeks for the product. La Vita Nuova Inc. shipping is fast and affordable to North America, so I can order what I need when I need it. The products arrive in a few days, and always with a free samples ... a fun bonus! Customer service at La Vita Nuova is fast and thorough. They really understand hair care!

Anne from Santa Barbara, California


I have been using the Sanotint hair dye for a few years now, because I am allergic to PPD and this product is PPD free. My eczema was so bad for a few years until the immunologist discovered that I was allergic to PPD. I found this product on the internet and have been using it eversince & will continue using it. In fact, my hairdresser has commented that my hair is now softer & finer


I've ordered from you company many times and have even written reviews before because it is such a great product and your company La Vita Nuova Inc is so helpful and provides excellent customer service.

I have told everyone I know & even strangers in stores that were still buying the boxes of other hair colour to switch to Sanotint and how good it is. I received my products yesterday and coloured my hair for myself when I got home from work. It was much better, it was exactly the colour & texture and smell it used to be! So happy to have it back to normal thanks again and I will continue to tell everyone about your wonderful product.

Patricia - Canada

Since being allergic to PPD I have tried many hair colorants but never been successful - they have been either too henna based or did not last for very long - until I discovered SANOTINT LIGHT - my ideal. I have been using this hair colour for a long time as I am allergic to PPD and find it excellent.

Jean - USA

Sanotint is the only product that my Mom can use, we tried all natural hair dyes and none of them work for her. Thank you so much for allow us to buy from you and thank you for your exceptional customer service.

Laura - Ontario - Canada

I just wanted to say that La Vita Nuova Inc is a fantastic company and their customer service is fantastic. I've been using Sanotint Light - 88 Extra Light Blonde for a long time and its a wonderful Natural Hair dye product. I had a severe reaction to PPD and I researched every product possible and came up with Sanotint I tried it and have never had a problem again. Plus the bonus is my hair is healthier and softer and a much better colour than from the hairdresser or from a boxed hair colour. When I'm at work or in stores I've had people come up to me and ask what kind of hair colour I use because they love my hair. They tell me about how they use boxed hair colour and have a rash and their hair is dry and brittle, but they keep using it because they don't know what else to use.
I tell everyone about The natural hair dye Sanotint and how it's PPD FREE and how different and safe it is compared to other hair colour.
Everyone should use this product, it works great!!
I can't say enough about this product and I'm so happy that I found it.
I just ordered 6 more boxes, what I really love about it is that you can use it to touch up roots and just cap the product that you didn't use and use when needed, it's amazing!
Very Satisfied Customer

Patricia - Canada

Thank you so much for the great customer service. I am so disappointed that it wasn't an option for me.
Do I need to send the product back to you?
We are sorry to hear of your allergic reaction that you had with Sanotint Light. As per our policy, we will refund your money for the products, as a last resort, you may want to consider trying our temporary hair dye Sanotint Reflex, which can be used on hair with up to 40% grey hair and it washes out within 5 washes. We have found over the years that people who have experienced severe and long lasting allergic reactions to PPD, have the potential to become susceptible to other allergens, to either a synthetic and/or a natural ingredient. some customer are found in Sanotint Reflex the only way to retouch greys.

I am so happy to have discovered the Sanotint line of hair products! I had been experiencing increased hair loss and itchy scalp after coloring my hair, however "natural" they were. My scalp would itch for weeks after coloring my hair and the hair loss was becoming alarming. I found La Vita Nuova online and the testimonials convinced me to try the hair color and 3 different Sanotint shampoos and 2 Sanotint conditioners. I am so pleased with them all. I like to wash my hair ever day and the Sanotint Frequent Use shampoo is perfect. After coloring my hair with Sanotint Light PPD free my hair is natural looking, beautiful and shiny. Other hair colors would drive me crazy because my hair color would look so unnatural for at least a week after use. My hair is much healthier from the Sanotint products.
Also, the skin Locherber care products are terrific! I've been sent so many samples and love everything I try! I just placed an order for some and had a hard time deciding which to get. I also ordered some makeup and really like the powder.
Thank you La Vita Nuova for your excellent customer service. The representatives are responsive, helpful, and kind. I will be ordering more products for a long time to come!

Linda - Ohio - US

"I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your product Natural Permanent Hair Dye Sanotint Light PPD-Free. I have been colouring my hair for about 20 years both at home and at the salon. Over the years I developed a sensitivity to commercial hair colours and the last time I used traditional colour, my scalp burned and itched for a week - it was unbearable. I knew I had to find a different way to cover my grey. I found the Sanotint on your website and gave it a try - the patch test was fine. I was sceptical that the hair colour would cover the grey and be kind to my hair. I was so pleased that I could colour my hair again - the results are great every time - the grey is covered and my head doesn't itch. I will always use this product and recommend it to anyone who has a sensitivity skin. My hair looks great!
Thank you so much for offering this excellent product."

Sherry Barmania - Nassau, Bahamas

A Special Testimony
"I've been experiencing allergic reaction from hair dyes which has become severe that require hospitalisation. I seriously considered giving up using hair colour to cover my grey hair but is still not quite ready yet to do that. After trying other products which did not work ay all, I am very happy when I found Sanotint. I performed the patch test (as recommended by Gloria), and very delighted when I did not get any allergic reaction from it. The product is so easy to use and it really works! I will definitely be using Sanotint from now on."

Lirio Santiago from Australia
Sequence of this testimonial from the beginning
From: Lirio Santiago
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2013 To: info@lavitanuovainc.com
Dear LVN Beauty Store
I'm hoping that you have not dispatched my order as of yet as I would like to cancel it please. I just had another severe reaction from hair dye and now would like to completely discontinue using any at all.
I just came home from the hospital because of this problem. I anticipate your understanding and consideration on my situation. Please let me know if you can still assist to hold off my order and return my payment. Thank you very much.
"La Vita Nuova Inc."info@lavitanuovainc.com On 17/09/2013 wrote: Dear Mrs Lirio Santiago, hello I hope you are feeling better. We are sorry to hear about your allergic. Unfortunately your order was shipped on September 13. We understand your fear your history is very common for us, because the 93% off our customer come from a bad allergic reaction to the other hair dye.
We have some options for you.
When your doctor recommends that you can perform a patch test with Sanotint hair dye, and if you have an allergic reaction, as per our policy, we will refund your money for the hair dye.

We have found over the years that people who have experienced severe and long lasting allergic reactions to PPD, have the potential to become susceptible to other allergens, to either a synthetic and/or a natural ingredient, which is why we cannot state that you will not react to Sanotint, but the chances are very low.
From: Lirio Santiago Date: 17 September To: "info@lavitanuovainc.com"

Dear Gloria
Thank you for your response and I also appreciate your advice. I will then just wait for the products to arrive and one day will have the patch test and take it from there. I really hope that your products will be compatible to my case.
Kind regards Lirio

Sent: Thursday, October 03, To: La Vita Nuova Inc.
Dear Gloria
Thanks for your response. I also would like to inform you that I applied the hair colour couple of days ago and I am so happy that I did not get any allergic reaction at all.
I will definitely be buying more of your products.
Kind regards

Lirio Santiago

This Natural Hair Dye gives Perfect Grey Coverage and softness, the grey coverage is unbelievable!
I can even apply this natural hair colour at home.
Long-lasting brilliant colours.
These PPD Free hair dyes have solved my 6 year old problem.
I am extremely thrilled with Sanotint, the best Natural Hair Dye.
The color does not drip.
Truly works, gently, naturaly, amazing.
After I use Sanotint, I look very pretty, and I receive many compliments for the color.
I have beautiful hair, thanks to SANOTINT.
This Natural Tint is a miracle product, No itchy scalp afterwards!
Sanotint is the best priced too for the quality!
I felt how soft, Sanotint made my hair feel. I am feeling young again.
I wanted you to know how thankful I am to have found your Sanotint. It truly works.
I recommend this natural Permanent Hair dye to everyone with or without some kind of allergic reaction. This is the best I've found. "Dear friends,

I am 58 and for three years have suffered burns to my ears, scalp, neck, forehead. Lost many nights sleep because I sleep on my sides, my ears were burning all night. My hair was falling out. Why was this happening? I was getting foils done on my hair. My hairdresser even bought a special solution to add to the color to prevent burning and it only made it worse!! At my wits end because I went 6 months not coloring my hair and I looked dreadful, I turned to LA VITA NUOVA INC. Their product saved me! I did the test on an area behind my ear and the next day all I saw was beautiful and vibrant color NOT red sores.

The texture of my hair improved, it shined and most of all it completely covered my gray and was a true color to the advertised results. Ladies and men, do not hesitate, get LA VITA NUOVA and give your hair and yourself a gorgeous revitalization. Your friend,"


I was diagnosed with an allergy to PPD 15 years ago. I have searched, tested, all kinds of product to no avail. I have finally found a product, through the internet, that I can use safely without burning my scalp, no itching, redness and no harm to my sensitive skin! I mix 2 different Sanotint Natural colors-natural brown and mahogany that gives me lustrous, natural looking color and also covers grey beautifully. I wish I can buy them in the stores to save on shipping but I’m only happy to pay a little extra for the product including shipping to get this awesome product: Sanotint the best natural hair Colour.
Thank you!


I just wanted to say thank you La Vita Nuova for Sanotint Light - 88 Extra Light Blonde Natural PPD Free hair dye. I dyed my hair for over twenty years with boxed hair colour. I started to feel itchy and developed a red scaly rash around the base of my hairline. It would come and go and inflame and feel like it was burning. I finally had a very severe reaction and called the product info line and they said they changed the formula. The doctor told me not to ever use it again; it could be life threatening with such a bad reaction due to the PPD. I waited until my scalp cleared up and went 6 months without hair dye. I even travelled to USA to an all natural store that sold natural Henna Marigold hair colour (which did not work at all). I really didn't think I would ever be able to dye my hair again. I began researching online and found La Vita Nuova, I was afraid to try another new product, so my husband ordered it for me. I tried it and absolutely LOVED it! The Sanotint Light 88 Extra Light Blonde is PPD free and my hair colour is exactly the same colour that I've always had. It's an amazing product and easy to use. It's so much better for my hair, it's healthier, softer, thicker, shinier and not dried out the way other dyes would leave it. I also like the fact that you can use it and save whatever is left over in the tube for up to 4 months. It's amazing and it actually feels like your hair is conditioned and manageable, unlike other hair dyes. With a product like this on the market, I don't know why anyone would ever use the harsh, dangerous, hair damaging boxed hair dye. This is a wonderful product and I highly recommend it. The customer service for this company is amazing, they really care and are very helpful. Overall an absolutely wonderful product and company, try it you'll love it!

Patty - Ontario, Canada

Testimonial about Using Sanotint Reflex Natural Temporary Hair Dye.

"I discovered I had an allergy to PPD ( found in most permanent hair dye) and was devastated- I started seeing some gray hair and I was only in my early 30's and I really wanted to cover it. Temporary hair colors did not give good coverage and I didn't know what I was going to do- for a while i thought the situation was hopeless. Then I heard about Santotint and was so encouraged- it sounded like just what I was looking for since it was PPD free and it offered gray coverage. I got Santotint Reflex because I wanted to cover the gray but wasn't looking for a radical color change- I was blown away! The product covered the gray, gave the rest of my hair a nice subtle color boost and lasted longer than the 4-6 shampoos mentioned on the package. I'm very very pleased and will be trying Santotint Light next for even longer coverage.

Santotint was the answer to my prayers!"
Thank you

Jennifer B.

Testimonial about Sanotint Classic

"I've been coloring my hair for years and have always been dismayed with how much hair falls out lose when using the standard dye. My hair has been thinning over time and it was that problem that led me to find your natural hair color online. I was absolutely thrilled after the first time using Sanotint that almost no hair fell out after coloring! Also, my scalp wasn't stained, nor was the tub or towel. You will be getting more orders from me in the future, for sure.

I just received a shipment of Sanotint permanent hair color classic in Red Chestnut. This is my second order after trying your product once. I was sent extra hair color with a little tag saying, "free gift". Thank you so much for your generosity, it was a lovely surprise!"

Erika USA

"Just wanted to say what a great product your Sanotint permanent hair colour is. I used it today for the first time and it covered all the gray beautifully".

Angela from Autralia

Testimonial about Sanotint Light
"First of all I want to thank you for an amazing product. You have saved me from very costly, time consuming and horrible results of experimenting with other hair color products containing no PPD. The results I achieve from your product are amazing, long lasting and very cost effective.
My stylist has began using your product on several of her clients as well after seeing the great results I have."

Robin Wilson - North Carolina. US

I am very happy to express my immense relief and complete satisfaction with Sanotint Light natural hair dye. I wish to strongly endorse this PPD-free permanent hair colour product as it has allowed me to continue to dye my hair despite developing unexpectedly an allergy to normal permanent hair dyes 12 months ago.
At that time I was not sure what the problem was. I was developing a severe scalp itch which would last for 1-2 days after each hair dye application but my hairdressers would reassure me that it was because the colour had been left on for too long. It only became worse and then my eyelids started to swell up. I tried several "low-allergenic" products and other so called PPD-free products with the same very disappointing results. I was not ready to go grey naturally but all the advice I received was that, as I had been dying my hair for so long (25 years due to premature greyness), there was no other option. I continued to try out other products which did not have ideal or complete results. I came across some testimonials for Sanotint but by now I was so sceptical that I didn't initially try it. Fortunately a new hairdresser had personal experience with Sanotint and recommended it so highly that I gave it try. It was such a perfect result, both the colour, its depth, the shine of my hair, the condition of my hair, even its natural scent was perfect. And there was no further scalp itch or eye stinging. I am so grateful that this product has been so carefully prepared and is of such a high quality. Twelve months later I have soft, shiny brunette hair with body and condition. i make sure I never run out by ordering in bulk as I live in Australia.
Thank you again


I am so grateful to you for carrying such a wonderful product. I was in fear of having to go grey at 50... It was a no-option for me but i also wasn't going to risk my life as the ppds put me in emergency room with salon stuff, even the "certified organic" stuff. What a joke. It had ppd in it!!

Teresa from US

I'm a hairstylist who has been using Sanotint on my own hair for 3 months. Sanotint was recommended to me by one of my clients who has a lot of allergies. The first time she used it could have been a testimonial had there been before and after photos .


I am 75 years old and my hair is 90% gray and prior to using your product, i was a medium blond. I have lupus and a skin problem and your product does not irritate my scalp

Mary Palmieri NJ

La Vita Nuova
Your products live up to their advertising and in fact surpass the claims you make. Your hair dye product creates perfect hair color, covers the grey beautifully and best of all, there is absolutely not allergic reaction at all. The color is natural and long lasting and the fact that it is healthy makes for the perfect product.

Keep up the good work. I am sending this email to others because I'm a very satisfied customer.

Roberto – USA

After years of suffering from scalp itch, bumps and oozing, eventually the face itch, then onto the little bumps on the back of my neck, then the 2nd worse thing happened.. behind my ears started bleeding and oozing.. this took forever to heal...then the worse thing happened, I developed slight swelling around the eyes and temple area and shortness of breath... This scared me to death; I was done with the traditional box dyes I was having a hard time accepting the fact that I would have to let my hair go gray. I’m 46 years old and right now feel and look better then I have in the last 10 years. So this was a tough pill to swallow.

After much reading about hair dye reactions and hours of searching online, I decided to give SanoTint Light a try.
So happy to say that I was very pleased with the results! There was no itching of the scalp and no swelling of the face! What a God send. The gray coverage was terrific! I have very dominant gray hair at my hairline which after dying the gray starts to re-appear within 4 days, so not having to use the whole bottle but only what you want to use is perfect and cost saving! and I can even travel with this product!

Thanks so much for making such a life saving product!
Forever grateful

Claudia Milton - NS. Canada

I discovered Sanotint Hair Color about two years ago, and decided to give it a try.
Before that, I was trying to find the perfect formula that would be natural,
Would cover grey hair, and would be easy to deal with/apply.
I was already using henna for a couple of years, and, finally, I realized that I am growing tired of the procedure: to have to spend several hours every third weekend with a plastic bag on my head while my friends are gathering together for brunch! Well, it was doable but not enjoyable. Moreover, everybody who I knew who was using henna, just after the couple of hair washes, looked pretty much the same as before applying it: someone described the color of hair as "menopausal red", and it fits the description well, I would say.
After henna, I switched to some plant-based formula that bought in my local health store. It had more choices of color, and I decided to see if it might be my new choice for hair color. Well, the color was better, but the procedure was also time consuming and messy.
The next step, - being on one of my business trips to Europe, I decided to find something there, and I was lucky: almost from each country/town where I stayed, I was able to get some new products, which I was very excited to try out immediately. Some of them even had a "BIO" label on them, which means the same as "Organic" in North America. Unfortunately, nothing was good enough: some of them, again, were time consuming and messy to deal with during application. Some did not cover grey hair well. Others would not rinse out well from my hair, and when I would get into the bed, the small curds of fine diced, dried out plants from the hair color would fall out into the bed, and in the morning my bed sheet would be covered with thousands tiny pieces of dried out hair color product, which I was not able to rinse out well enough because of the consistency of the product. Use your imagination how it felt, - no comments on that.
I was about ready to give up, thinking that if I will not switch to chemical formula (and I did not want to),
I will have to deal with the inconvenience of using natural hair color forever. However, one day, I hopelessly browsing the internet and was lucky to discover a description of Sanotint Light Hair Color and decided to give it a try.
My first order was a pack of Sanotint Light. The application of a gel-like formula was so easy! It took only 30 minutes to get the result, and for the first time I seemed to be more than satisfied. I could not believe my eyes! The color was consistent,-- no traces of grayish shades anywhere, and my hair was alive and shiny.
I ordered more Sanotint Light and also in different shades. I told my friends about this product and invited them to do some tests and to try the product on their hair. Well, it was a mistake. My friends just robbed me on my order! Nothing was left! So, now, knowing that I want to experiment further, I decided to order other products too. To this day, I remain a loyal La Vita Nuova customer, and have tried out a variety of different products already (e.g. Sanotint Colourcare Conditioner; Sanotint Restructuring Conditioner; Sanotint Cleansing Oil; Sanotint Intensive Silk Masque; Sanotint Shampoo Sfiibrati; Sanotint Colourcare Shampoo; Migliorin Fitness Hair -Body Shower Wash; Migliorin Cleansing Conditioner pH 5.2, and some others). NONE of the products have been disappointing: all of them left me satisfied. I like the composition/combination of ingredients, consistency, the smell, how it feels on my hair, and the most important factor: the result that I get from using it. Also, I often use Sanotint Reflex formula for highlights,-- it works just great!
Moreover, I am looking forward to try some LOCHERBER Natural Cosmetic products too (La Vita Nuova sent me some samples).
The bottom line is, I am glad to know that I don't need to go to Europe to buy any of the great products La Vita Nuova is offering for their customers: my order is shipped promptly and is quickly awaiting me at my doorsteps! Thank you, La Vita Nuova, for finally ending my long search.
Also, I want to mention the friendly and always helpful customer service representatives: they might be proud to call themselves Customer Support Representatives because they earned it by being TRULY supportive and understandable to their customers.

Natasha L. US

I just purchased the Sanotint Light Hair Colour and I was so thrilled with it that I ordered more immediately along with some other products. It is a huge relief to be able to purchase PPD-free product AND to have it work so amazingly well. The gray coverage was fabulous and my hair looked and felt wonderful. My husband and kids loved ‘the new me’ and I didn’t suffer any adverse reaction at all. Usually the chemicals in hair colour gave me headaches and rashes and itchiness and burning. Thank you, thank you, thank you – I am recommending this line to all my friends

Debby from Toronto

Your hair colour is phenomenal and I am so grateful that I finally found a hair product that doesn't give me migraines when using the colour. I remember a time when I panicked thinking that I have to colour my hair and wasn't looking forward to the aftermath of dealing with severe headaches and nausea when using other hair colouring products on the market. But that's in the past I now look forward to colouring my hair.

The results are always gorgeous hair colour which lasts! Thank you La Vita Nuova for marketing Sanotint hair colour !!

Connie in Thunder Bay, Ontario

After much swelling, itching and the taking of too many antihistamines, I’ve finally found a product that colors my grey hair without me experiencing some type of allergic reaction. The nights spent with my head in a pot of vinegar water to leech the dye from my scalp are over.I feel much more at ease with dying my hair knowing that I’m using a product is safe. Now I can use my vinegar just for my salads. Yippee!Thanks Sanotint

Abigail Austin

I just wanted to let you know that I tried the Sanotint Natural Brown haircolor for the first time and I was extremely impressed! To be truthful I was prepared to be disappointed (concerned about gray coverage) but after using it my gray hair is completely covered, the color is beautiful, my hair feels very soft and looks shiny, and most importantly I experienced absolutely no itching or discomfort while the color was processing. Please be advised that I have never been moved to contact a company regarding a product prior to this and I only wish I knew Italian so I could rave about this color in 2 languages! Thank you for saving my hair and my scalp!


Great color. Great Product.

“Hi, have tried this product for the first time as I cannot use ppd in my hair my hairdresser was so impressed with the coverage to my greys. Excited that hopefully I have finally found your wonderful chemical free product and can color my hair once again knowing no skin rashes and swelling to my face. Thank you so very much. Have just placed another order for 10 with express post. Last time arrival was also fantastic had it within a week and a half. will continue to purchase this product for many years to come.
Hi, yes certainly used my testimonial amazing product the coverage is the best I have ever try with no PPD in it.
Just letting you know I received my color under a week to Australia. Great service.

One very happy aussie lady
Kindest Regards From Australia

Sue cook

About a year ago, after coloring my long, very dark brown hair for over 30 years, I suffered a severe allergic reaction. I could not stop scratching my head, my ears, any place that the hair dye came in contact with my skin. It was awful; I had to see my doctor who prescribed anti-biotics and steroids. After doing research on the internet, I discovered that I was most likely allergic to PPD, a chemical found in nearly all dark hair dyes. I stopped dyeing my hair with professional hair products and found several all-natural hair dyes on the internet. They all professed to color stubborn, resistant grey hair. No product worked until La Vita Nuova. I ordered 2 chestnut brown packages and was told to leave the dye on until no grey hair could be found. I left the product on for over 2 hours and after washing the dye out, I did not have one single grey hair!

I am absolutely delighted with the softness of my hair. It doesn't feel dry and looks very natural.
I am 55 years-old and without all the grey hair, people say I look younger than 50!
Thank you so much for your outstanding product. I would and will recommend me it to anyone suffering from PPD allergy who must use a hair dye formula that doesn't include PPD.
Sincerely yours

Ruth K. Wagner - US

I have been blessed to always have really dark, black hair. I began to color for those grays that were appearing and in this process realized I am highly allergic to PPD found in hair color. Each time I colored my hair the allergic reaction got worse, until finally my entire scalp was "peeling from my head" as the emergency room doctor told me. At that time, I knew I was going to have to go gray gracefully....not an option. Begin wearing wigs...hot and irritating or research other products. I chose the later.

I have used several products that contain no PPD but never achieved the results I was looking for. Some of these products required me to set under a hot dryer for an hour to set color in. The color never penetrating the hair shaft. It only put a coating over hair. I began playing tennis and this led to sweating lots over the summer....all hair color stripped completely. I couldn't go into pool as this would have stripped color completely as well
I hesitated on trying your product as the darkest color is natural brown. It sat on my shelf for a year. As I was about to give up hope, I relooked at your product. I had my hair stylist apply for me and was extremely thrilled to not have to sit under a dryer for 1 hour. I sat for a half hour with cap on and nervous if it was going to work It has been 2 weeks and my color looks just as great as the day your product was applied. My hair washes out clear with no color stripping each time. Sweating or swimming will not strip the color. I feel as though I have my summer back. The color is a beautiful dark brown and I love it.
Thank you so much for making a product that truly works I will be a lifetime customer

Robin Wilson North Carolina US

I am happy with your coloring products. Even a trace of PPD makes me itch for a month and so you have a customer for as long as I can color my own hair. At 74 years of age that gives me about twenty years. My mother lived to be 93. The color I am using and note it does not have any trace of PPD in it. It looks very pretty and I get a lot of compliments on the color

Janet S. Macdonald - Princeton MA

Dear La Vita Nuova Inc., I will go on and on about SANOTINT did for me. Wait until you see the pictures of me, before on my way to the emergency room for medical treatment (and not the first time) from a terrible allergic reaction to a hair dye containing PPD, it shows my eyes shut and swollen from neck to scalp. Also you will find a photo of me with my trade-mark beautiful hair, thanks to SANOTINT. It’s nothing short of a miracle product. Not even an itchy scalp afterwards! I still can’t believe it!

Debbie Halfpenny, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

After developing a severe allergic reaction to the chemical PPD, I thought that I was destined for a life of gray hair even though I was only 36 years old at the time. Because of the severe inflammation and irritation, I even began loosing my hair. After hours and hours of research, I came across SANOTINT Light, a PPD free permanent hair color. I was delighted. I was even more delighted after the first use. It left me with a beautiful, permanent color, with absolutely no allergic reaction and no grays! When I shared this with my hairdresser, she was stunned to find that a PPD free hair dye even existed. I have been able to recommend your amazing product to two other acquaintances who had similar reactions to hair dye containing PPD. Your product gives hope to women like me who are not yet ready to give in to the gray, but can't use other permanent hair dyes. Thank you for all the research and innovation that must have gone in to developing this amazing product. I am always thankful to see companies thinking outside the box. Great job!

Christy - Mississippi, USA

Hi, You sent me some info at one point several yrs back about getting some local stores to carry the hair dyes. I've at times tried several natural hair dyes to save some money & haven't found them to be satisfactory! So I think I could now positively tell the local health food stores my experience & maybe get them to try them. So how would I go about doing that?

H Harrington, Ypsilanti, Michigan

My name is Dana Stewart and I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I am writing you because I wanted you to know how thankful I am to have found your Sanotint Light hair dye. I have always had allergic reactions to hair color and bleach. I have had several bad reactions and a few times ended up in the emergency rooms. I have used products that say they are gentle, natural, no ammonia, etc... But never ever have I found anything that I did not have a reaction to. That is to say not until I searched the world over and found Cosval’s Sanotint light with no P-PHENYLENDIAMINE. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! and my husband thanks you too. He had a hard time watching me go thru the ordeal of being ill if I dare color my hair, even if they foiled it not touching my scalp I still had reactions. I no longer am scared that I might have the allergic reaction of the past. NO ITCHING, NO HIVES, NO SWELLING, NO STERIODS, NO DOCTORS. The colors are absolutely wonderful, so rich and the shine is stunning. My hair feels great and the color last and last, the most fragrant clean smell no chemical smell. I had my hair dresser apply the product after she made contact with you guys and you gave her great recommendation, so we mixed a few colors and it turned out great. She fell in love with this product and will continue to use it and recommend it. I recommend this product for everyone with or without some kind of allergic reaction. My hair has never been in better condition. I am now purchasing your conditioners and silk mask and they are amazing. Its sad that the USA doesn’t have products that compare. As long as I have hair I will always be a loyal and thankful customer. Now I can even apply it at home.

I want to try and get my favorite health stores to carry this product. I will be a walking ad for your company. The world of hair doesn’t have to be so toxic anymore

Dana Stewart, Florida

What can I say. So far the result is far better that I had dreamed of ! Just a quick review. I was so anxious to try it, I only did the patch test for one day. No reaction so far! I applied the product, and the Grey coverage is unbelievable! I am now just hoping for no reaction, and I don't believe there will be one. You and your product have solved my 6 year old problem.

Ron Rocco, New York, New York

Thank you for all your help and great service. I stopped dyeing my hair for a while as I used a chemical on it and it ruined my hair. So I cut it short and am now only committed to using natural products.

Terry-Ann Jonker, Pennsylvania

How is the Sanotint 74 that you are using now?
"Yes it works good, I use it mostly on my goatee, but I have to be real careful and not get it on my skin (stains). I react to the regular hair dyes (PPD) very badly, this can make my skin slightly irritated but nothing at all compared to the regular dyes, the henna dyes don't work on the beard hair at all, this is the best I've found. But my beard hair grows fast and I have to dye it at least once a week if not more often. I'm thinking the next lighter dye (Sanotint 74) will work better and not get as dark when I re-dye, hopefully. Thanks again"

John Wareham, Hermitage, Pennsylvania

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