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Beautiful Hair with Sanotint Natural Hair Dye
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All About SanoTint


The way you look usually has a huge bearing on how you feel. What’s more, the quality and condition of your hair can do wonders to our overall look. So if you have been thinking about giving yourself that much-needed makeover, here’s your chance to make a fresh start!

Sanotint Natural Hair Dye for Healthier Hair Care

Sanotint brings you the safest and best Natural Hair Dye products in the market which will bring the results you need without causing damage to your health or peace of mind. Unlike other hair dyes, our natural hair colours are PPD free, giving you perfect grey coverage and hair that is lustrous, healthy and beautiful.

Almost 93% of our first-time customers come to us from a bad allergic reaction to other hair dyes. Though the risk of susceptibility to other allergens, either a synthetic and / or a natural ingredient is high, a majority of our customers have been very satisfied with Sanotint natural hair dye.

Sanotint Natural Hair Dye Range

We have designed an array of Sanotint Natural Hair Dye products that match individual needs and preferences.

       Sanotint Classic Natural Permanent Hair Dye is made using natural healing substances, and is ammonia & paraben free. It provides perfect grey coverage, rich hair colour and shiny soft hair.

       Sanotint Light Hair Dye is ideal for those who have sensitive skin and are susceptible to allergic reactions. Made using natural ingredients like Golden Millet, it is the best natural hair dye to nourish, colour and protect your hair. Sanotint sensitve is 100% PPD free (Para-Phenylenediamine free) and contains no ammonia. The  components of Sanotint are Golden Millet, Vegetable Extracts Olive, Biotin (Vitamin H), Grape Seed, Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5), Grape Stone, Olive leaf, and Birch. There are no presence of preservatives, Paraffin, Silicon, Parabens, Formaldehyde, or any added metals. Sanotint is an amazing product that covers your grey hairs precisely and gets you that natural look back to get that confidence back.

       Sanotint Ultra Sensitive Hair Dye  Sanotint Reflex is a perfect pick when you are highly susceptible to skin breakouts, itchy scalp, swellings and hives.

People have been using natural dyes for years. Some of them like to use natural dyes while others at times move to cosmetic ones as per their requirements. Hair colour undoubtedly works like magic and can instantly transform any one’s looks and make him or her look glamorous in their upcoming parties or occasions. Also, it works great for the people who are old and want to look younger as they can erase their years of aging in just a few minutes by covering all of their grey hairs.

The Sanotint Difference

Sanotint natural hair dye gives your hair a natural sheen and long-lasting colour. It covers your greys perfectly and helps you regain your lost confidence. Sanotint natural hair dye is easy to apply in the comforts of your home.  

Hair care is an important part of the daily regimen for everyone.
Hair care has become quite important nowadays and buying out the best products is a necessity. If you are looking for credible products with no artificial ingredients then opting for Sanotint hair care products can be one of the best options for you.
Sanotint Shampoo:
The color care shampoo of Bamboo extract and Guar gum guarantee recovery of the hair hydration levels. This hair requires non-aggressive and delicate treatment to keep the colour bright.
Shampoo is equipped with Vitamin E properties to fight with the dryness that is required for treating hair, restoring shine and softness white the hydration and nutritive actions of natural millet extracts allows the hair to be healthier and have a glossier look.
Ecological Hairspray:
The hairspray has a versatile formula, innovative and is designed for making long-lasting hairstyles. The ecological Sanotint Hairspray is best for all kinds of drying techniques and also for providing movement and volume to hair. The product is quick-drying without any residue and makes the hair soft, natural-looking and shiny.
Hair Styling Mousse:
The hair styling Mousse with Golden Millet and Calcium  has fixing and coating effects. It can be applied even on wet hair but ideally used on dry for setting the hairstyle.
Sanotint Colour Care conditioner:
The conditioner allows you to keep your hair soft and bright. The conditioner is equipped with raspberry fragrance and can strengthen, restore and protect the natural beauty. The conditioner is added with a sun filter making it perfect to fight dryness caused by UV rays. Perfect for using after applying shampoo, then rinse it over after a few minutes.
Natural hair dyes like Sanotint can help you in colouring your hair in your favorite colours, and boost the natural look.
Many people complain about skin breakouts, losing hair, hives and swellings on using regular hair dyes. The Sanotint dyes are such a great hair colour that they can help you nourishing your hair .

Sanoting light is best for sensitive skin and for allergic reactions.
The company also recommends a patch test that can be performed on the user to know about all the possible product allergic and sensitive reactions.
The natural dyes like Sanotint are readily available in the market and allow people to take the advantage of covering their grey hair.

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