Frequent Ask Question about Sanotint

At this page you will find most Frequent and Recent questions about  Sanotint products,  Sanotint Natural permanent hair dye, and  Sanotint natural hair care products. 

       Frecuent Ask Questions 

1.)  Can grey hair be coloured well with sanotint? – (YES!)

SANOTINT gives total grey coverage from your first session.

2.  Can the hair be coloured with a lighter dye? – (YES!)

  If you wish to change your hair to a lighter colour, it is recommended to first use the SANOTINT Enlightening Kit to lighten your hair, and then tint using a lighter dye of choice, resulting in a more shimmering effect

• Two or more SANOTINT shades may be mixed together to obtain your personalized colour.

• Only the Classic dyes can be mixed with other Classic dyes and Light with Light.


3. Is Sanotint like henna and the affect is it the same as I used henna? SANOTINT hair dye is not like Henna dyes.?

 Henna is applied like an oil base paint, it is not absorbed by the pours of the hair, but it is applied like a layer of paint. When it dries, like a paint it becomes impervious and it does not allow any other color to be absorbed, so you cannot change the color.

4. What are the benefits of SANOTINT Hair dyes?

• Contains golden millet,

• Rich in silica, a substance which nourishes and protects hair,

• Contains both natural and synthetic colours. A combination of plant extracts and very small quantities of synthetic colours produce an extraordinary, brilliant, healthy and long lasting result.

• Does not contain Ammonia.

5. Are SANOTINT dyes safe? – (YES!)

• SANOTINT products are one of the safest products available in the market today. Only the best natural ingredients are selected and used in the SANOTINT formula.

• It is always recommended to perform an allergy patch test at least 48 hours prior to application of the product to the scalp. For instructions on how to perform an allergy patch test, please refer to the “Hints:” section on the Instructions pamphlet found inside the SANOTINT package.

6. Will SANOTINT hair dye damage my hair? – (NO!)

• Contains golden millet and natural plant extracts and other precious substances, which protect your hair from within, revitalizing its durability.

• Calcium Pantothenate (Provitamin B5) nourishes and rejuvenates your hair.

• The combination of herb extracts such as walnut-husk, birch and grape seeds give your hair an intense shine.

• Biotin and natural silica, from the Golden Millet are two vital substances, which have an important role in maintaining the health and structure of your hair.

• After each application your hair will feel soft, manageable, and easy to style.

7. Can SANOTINT colours be used after a permanent or PERM? - (YES)

NOTE: Your hair will be more sensitive and the colour will penetrate the hair quicker, therefore resulting in a darker colour and the perm may be weakened. It is recommended that you wait a minimum of 2 weeks from your last permanent.

8. Can I perm my hair after a tinting session with a SANOTINT product? - (YES)

NOTE: that the resulting colour may be 2 shades lighter, therefore it is always suggested to first perm, and then tint but no sooner than two weeks.

9. Can I use a SANOTINT dye after bleaching hair? - (YES)

You may use SANOTINT dyes after bleaching, but note since bleaching damages your hair, you should first wait a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the colouring session.

10. If my hair has a dark pigment, how can I obtain a lighter shade?

If you wish to lighten your hair two to three shades from your present colour, then SANOTINT Enlightening Kit may be used. (Please refer to instruction found in the package.)

If your desire is to lighten your hair more than three shades it is recommend that you first use the Enlightening Kit and then proceed to further lighten hair with your chosen SANOTINT shade. (Remember to refer to the SANOTINT colour chart for your available options. Colour chart is available at your retailer or you may visit the La Vita Nuova Colour chart section)

11. Can I mix different SANOTINT hair dyes? - (YES!)

• You may mix any of the shades together to create your own personalized colour. Use your imagination!

• If you would like to add a subtle touch, red may be added to your brown dye

• By adding a small quantity of red dye to a blonde shade you may achieve a softer blonde.

• If you are uncertain about your colour of choice, you should first select a lock of hair from a grey or a light patch.

12. If I have unmixed product remaining can it be stored for future session? - (YES!)

If unmixed product is left over, ensure that the container is properly sealed tightly with the cap, but be sure to use it within 3 to 4 months. Always remember to use the dye and fixative in a 1:1 ratio.

13. Why is it recommended to use the SANOTINT conditioner that is supplied in the package and how much should I use?

• After each tinting session, it is important to use the SANOTINT pH 3.5 conditioner, as it has been specially formulated to close the pores of the hair, sealing in the colour. SANOTINT conditioners are enriched with nourishing substances, which will protect, nurture and renew your hair after the colouring, resulting in shiny, radiant, and incredibly soft hair. In addition it will help prevent breakage from brushing and split ends.

Quantity of Conditioner to Use:

• Short Hair - Use a small quantity of conditioner the size of a dime

• Long Hair – Use the size of a quarter in conditioner

• NOTE: Quantity of conditioner can be adjusted by the length and fullness of hair and / or your desired preference.

14. Can I use SANOTINT hair dye during pregnancy or nursing?

• It is recommended that you always consult your physician prior to using any hair dye product.

• We strongly recommend not to use SANOTINT during the first three months of pregnancy.

• We recommend that, during pregnancy not to use darker shades, as they contain more colorants than the lighter shades.

• We suggest that you do not perform more than one tint session a month and to reduce the session time to no more than 20 minutes as a precaution.

• We recommend you select a shade from our SANOTINT Light product line which does not contain Para-Phenylendiammine (PPD)

• If this is your first time using the SANOTINT product line, we suggest you ALWAYS perform an allergy patch test. Directions for Allergy patch test can be found on pamphlet within packaging

When applying dye we suggest to:

• Let stand for a shorter period of time

• Always use gloves

• Do not massage dye directly into scalp

• At the end of the tinting session wash and rinse your hair thoroughly

• To minimize staining try applying our Barrier Oil along the hairline and along the earlobes

 15. Can I use your dye to go to a lighter shade of blonde? 

If you wish to lighten your hair, we have what is called the SANOTINT Hair Lightening Kit, which is a peroxide base pigment lifting product.  The Hair Lightening Kit can be applied to your hair to lift up to 3 shades lighter or mixed into the colour that you wish to apply to lift  pigment.

16. Am I able to use a relaxer prior to or after using this product or would that not be recommended?

Yes you can use a relaxer before you dye your hair.  What we typically recommend is to wait for two weeks.  This allows you for your hair to recover as when ever you perm, relax, bleach or dye your hair, it puts a lot of stress on it and it is best for it, if you give it some time to recover.

17. Am I able to use a relaxer prior to or after using this product or would that not be recommended?

Yes you can use a relaxer before you dye your hair.  What we typically recommend is to wait for two weeks.  This allows you for your hair to recover as whenever you perm, relax, bleach or dye your hair, it puts a lot of stress on it and it is best for it, if you give it some time to recover.

18. Is Sanotint  gluten-free?  Where might I find a chart showing results of color choices on different shades of hair?

SANOTINT is Gluten-free.

19. Would I be able to use your product or will it not cover over the henna?  Is your product applied like a “normal” hair color?

Unfortunately, when you use a Henna, it acts like an impervious film of oil base paint.  When it dries, it blocks the pours of the hair and does not allow hair dyes to be deposited.  This is the problem whether you use our product or any other hair dye.  Yes SANOTINT applies like a typical hair dye.

20). How do I use Fixative Emulsion? This appears to be the same as the fixative emulsion contained in the hair color kit.

The  Sanotint Fixative Emulsion is  exactly the same as that which comes in the hair dye kit.  When a customer has stubborn grey, some salons are applying a little of the fixative directly to the hair in order to help open the cuticles.  The rest of the fixative is mixed with pigment, as per the instructions in the package.

21) How do I use Sanotint the lightening kit if I want to lighten my color # 74 by 2 shades? The instructions do not indicate how to mix this; they only talk about mixing two colors, or using the Sanotint Lightening kit on its own.

Reason: I use Sanotint  Natural hair day on grey roots near my face. this is my only grey, and Sanotint is the only colorant that does not send me to the hospital for Prednisone! However, color # 74 came out brown black. So, I would like to lighten it a bit.

The  Sanotint Lightning Kit helps to lighten the hair, according with the time that you expose the hair with the this  product. the longer the exposure time the lighter the hair. More details

I also want to recommend you try mixing 70% of #74 with 30% of Sanotint of#72. You can play with the quantities until you find the color that you want to achieve. We have other customers with similar concerns and they found a good solution by mixing these two colors.

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