The Best Moisturise And Hydrate Products


Hydration and moisturization are very important for your skin, Locherber know about this necesity and offert  this amazing   products.

Best Moisturise Products
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Nourishing Cream Ph 5.8 - Nutri Age

A super nourishing night cream – the complete "skin food " that deeply hydrates and nourishes even dry skins. This anti-ageing cream prevents the formation of wrinkles thanks to its synergic combination of active ingredients such as anti-oxidant vitamins and Wild Beech extracts and Sweet Almond and Macadamia Oils. It leaves the skin feeling instantly soft, supple and toned. Non-greasy cream that penetrates the skin instantly.

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This natural skin energizing cocktail is rich in vitamins, oligoelements and bioflavonoid that are special derivatives from fruit and vegetable with nourishing and regenerating effects on your face.

Thanks to selected ingredients with antioxidant, remineralizing and detoxifying properties, this fluid concentrate leave your skin more toned, moisturized and supple. Enjoy your refreshed and energized look.

CONTAINS: Orange, Tangerine, Tomato, Carrot and Spinach.

Comfort Cream

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Continuous and Longlasting Moisture

Drop by drop Comfort Cream helps to deeply restore the skin

Comfort Cream, more than just a simple moisturizer, it helps to reactivate and regenerate the cells. Comfort Cream reactivates the natural moisturizing mechanisms with every application creating visible changes. Dehydrated skin appears radiant, young and fresh. A precious hydrating complex made up of Black Oats (Avena Strigosa) is one of the main ingredients with its well known soothing and re-epithelizing properties. It is readily absorbed into the skin and the unsaturated phospholipids are the essential cellular membrane components that keep hydration at optimal levels. They work together to keep the water locked into the skin and strengthen the structure of the skin barrier, stabilising the hydrolipidic film on the skin.

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Dna Cream Day & Night Provides your skin with new vital energy

This special formula contains vegetal DNA ingredients that bring immediate radiance and highly effective moisture to dry, stressed skins. Refreshing and hydrating, helps prevent dullness and creepiness from first applications. It brings a new brightness and protection to the skin surface, leaves your skin supple, firmer, toned-up and shine-free.

A scientifically advanced cream able to give the support structure of the skin “new vital energy”. Exploiting to their best advantage the active ingredients of Red Algae and Asian Centella, along with Vegetal Oils of Macadamia and Evening Primrose, this cream offers an extremely effective treatment for tired, dry skin

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super_hydrating_cream ph 5.8
Super Hydrating Cream pH 5.8 With Camellia extract

An essential day/night treatment to deeply nourish and hydrate dry and sensitive skin thanks to the use of natural innovative substances and other exclusive ingredients able to give dry skin the nourishment essential for a healthy, smooth complexion, already visible after the first application. Your skin will feel revived, dull complexions will instantly appear fresh and glowing. Fine wrinkles, visible pores and lines will be minimized whilst maintaining an optimal level of hydration.

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Himalayan Diamond Cream is an Extraordinary Anti-ageing Treatment.

Himalayan Diamond Cream is a magnificence of a cream to combat all signs of advanced ageing and to give the skin new vitality and beauty. Its multi-active formula, enriched with Cordyceps Sinensis, a precious Tibet's mushroom extract with remarkable antioxidant properties, reduces the depth of wrinkles, neutralizes imperfections eliminating discromia.