Green Living

by Lana and Bill Nickerson

Green living has become one of the underlying themes of our lives today, whether it is investing in green energy, green cars or green houses. Keep reading...


Living “green” has become a philosophy that, when incorporated into our everyday lives, can be life changing for the environment and our bodies. It represents a desire to live a naturally healthy lifestyle, which also extends to the beauty products we use.


Today, an increasing number of women and men are looking for natural, “green” hair color. They hope to find a product that will provide them with rich, natural, permanent hair color without the synthetic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.


In order to create permanent color, commercial products contain a variety of chemicals including ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).


Ammonia is a toxic, reactive and corrosive chemical widely used in fertilizer, plastics and explosives. Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleaching, oxidizing agent, detergent and antiseptic. The coloring agent used in most hair color is PPD. This is an extremely toxic chemical, which may cause severe allergic reactions when applied to the scalp, ranging from mild dermatitis to anaphylaxis.


Many companies today understand the significant demand for natural hair color and will add some natural ingredients to their product, like essential oils or Aloe. They then falsely claim that their product is “natural.”


While these products may contain natural ingredients, the fact remains that they also contain the same synthetic chemical ingredients that all permanent hair color treatments must have.


Individuals who have experienced serious allergic reactions to these chemicals have no alternative other than resigning themselves to just not coloring their hair. For those dealing with pre-mature graying, a purely natural hair color has become the Holy Grail.


Unfortunately, a purely natural, permanent hair color does not exist. There are some natural products such as Henna, but they do not cover well and are not permanent. They quickly wash out, must be re-applied and your choice of colors are limited.


SanoTint hair color is one of the only “green” products available that creates a deep, rich, permanent hair color that will cover grey hair.


SanoTint hair color uses Golden Millet and natural plant extracts to safely color your hair without damaging it. SanoTint hair color is a safe, do-it-yourself hair treatment due to the natural ingredients of its formula, which are: extracts of Golden Millet, Olive, Birch and Grape Seed as well as Calcium Pantothenate (Vitamin B5) and Biotin.


Reducing the amount of chemicals means reduced risk of allergic reaction as well. Those experiencing allergic reactions using commercial hair color may not only be triggered simply by a specific chemical, but also by the amount of that chemical contained in the hair color. In relation, a glass of wine a day may be healthy, however a bottle of wine a day is not.


SanoTint does not contain ammonia and works with less than 2 percent peroxide, instead of the 10-12 percent that other brands use. It also contains less than 0.4 percent PPD. The SanoTint Light product actually eliminates PPD and is one of the most natural hair colors on the market.


SanoTint has been dermatologic ally tested, is free of parabens, alcohol and preservatives, is not tested on animals and does not contain derivatives of animal origin. Those who have experienced allergic reactions to commercial hair color find that SanoTint can safely provide them with lasting coverage. Every individual’s body chemistry is unique; therefore it is strongly recommended to have a sensitivity test done before using any hair-coloring product.



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