The Alternative way to dye hair vs The Traditional Way


 The Alternative Way To Dye Hair   vs   The Traditional Way

There are many reasons to change the use of traditional hair dyes on your hair.  The real question is why are we applying harmful and dangerous chemicals on our hair and ultimately in our system?  Do you know that most hair stylists do not know what PPD is and are unaware of the dangerous chemicals they are exposing themselves every day.

We need to educate ourselves and understand the potential risks of these dangerous chemical used in traditional hair dyes. Many studies have demonstrated the relationship between these harmful ingredients and cancer.  The general idea that health regulatory organizations would eliminate the use of these harmful substances from hair dyes, and in some European countries they have already banned the use of PPD in hair dyes.  We hope that one day hair will be safer and better for your hair. 


The SanoTint Way

The Traditional Hair Dyes

Does not contain p-Phenylenediamine (NO PPD)

Does not contain Ammonia &  Paraben

Does not contain Metals & Paraffines,

Does not contain Silicones & Nickel

Does not contain Formaldehyde, & Alcohol


Does contain P-Phenylenediamine (PPD),  ammonia, Paraben ,Persulfates, Nickel

In scientific experiments have been shown that all these toxic chemicals have a variety of harmful effects linked to allergic reactions,   irritating scalp, respiratory disorders and even cancer.

What customers say about SanoTint


  •  Perfect grey coverage and softness, the grey coverage is unbelievable!
  •  I can even apply it at home
  •  Long-lasting brilliant colours  These products
  • have solved my 6 year old problem
  •   I am extremely thrilled with Sanotint
  •   The color no  strip
  •   Truly works, gentle, natural, amazing.
  •  I look very pretty and I get a lot of compliments for the color”.
  •   I have beautiful hair, thanks to SANOTINT.
  •   A miracle product.
  •   No itchy scalp afterwards!
  •   Sanotint is the best priced too for the quality!
  •  I felt how soft Sanotint made my hair feel.
  •   I am feeling young again
  •   I wanted you to know how thankful I am to have found your Sanotint. It truly works.
  •   I recommend this product to everyone with or without some kind of allergic reaction.  This is the best I've found.

What our costumer experimented with others hair dyes.


  • ­  It does feel my hair very dry.
  • ­  Itch for a month.
  • ­  After  the applications my hair smells bad
  • ­  It ruined my hair.
  • ­  This can make my skin  irritated.
  • ­  This sent to me at emergency room for medical treatment
  • ­  itching and burning scalp
  • ­  The henna dyes don't work
  • ­  I can't coloring my hair in home because I have children.
  • ­  Few times ended up in the emergency rooms terrible allergy to all hair dyes.
  • ­  with other natural products, the color never penetrating the hair shaft,  the color drip when  sweat and the grays were barely covered

Well SANOTINT has already eliminated PPD from the SANOTINT Light hair Dyes and reduced the levels of PPD in the SANOTINT Classic to a minimum, leaving only enough to develop the 30 trendy shades that are offered.

Become one of the thousands of satisfied customers by trying La Vita Nuova's SANOTINT hair care line.

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