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Sanotint reflex is a plant based product with extracts of china chamomile, olive leaf and golden millet that work together to guarantee bright and glossy highlights creating various shades from dark black to warm deep reds.


COMPOSITION: Vegetable Extracts of Camomile, Golden Millet, Olive leaf.

Does not contain added Metals, Paraffines, Silicones, Formaldehyde, Nickel


Does not contain: PPD , Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Alcohol , added metals, GMO Genetically Modified Organisms, Derivatives of animal origin


Instructions for use


1. Wash your hair first with a gentle shampoo with a pH of 5.5 - 6 and dry it well with the towel or the dryer. 

2. Use the enclosed gloves.  Remove the little top and apply the desired color directly on to the grey hair first and then on to the rest of your hair.

3. Leave for 25-45 minutes wearing the plastic cap supplied with the Kit to increase the heat.  For coloured, Oxygenated hair or permanent or permanent waved hair, reduce the application time.  Use the enclosed cap to increase the working temperature.

4.  Remove the cap and thoroughly rinse until the water becomes clear. 

5.  Apply a moderate quantity of Sanotint restructuring conditioner, combing it into the hair.  Do not rinse.  Dry with a hair dryer and go ahead with the hairstyling. 


Depending on hair length, a single pack is enough for up to three applications. Each  pack



80 ml bottle of highlighter

5  ml sachet of restructuring conditioner

5 ml sachet of shampoo

1 pair of plastic gloves with cap

detailed instructions leaflet in 5 languages

Ingredients List here


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