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Paraben Free Nikel tested

Control and carry your hair with your own style with total confidence, with Sanotint Natural Styling products:

Sanotint Ecological Hairspray, Strong Styling Gel and Hair Styling Mousse.

Sanotint Ecological Hairspray

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Ecological Hairspray is a Ecological medium hold hairspray with Golden Millet and Calcium Pantothenate. For all hair types, gas-free.

Ecological Hairspray with an innovative, versatile formula, the spray is designed for long-lasting hairstyles. It is suitable for all types of drying techniques and for creating particular volumes and movement. Quick-drying without residue, it leaves the hair shiny, soft and natural-looking. Extremely delicate neutral perfume

Strong Styling Gel Ph 6.5 - 7 allows you to do this by giving your hair shape and ensuring long-lasting hold.

Keep up with fashion and beauty trends without damaging your hair: Contains sun filters.

Sanotint Hair Styling Mousse

Hair Styling Mousse With Millet and Ginkgo Biloba Extract specially for treated hair.

Hair Styling Mousse,  has coating and fixing effects that do not depend on sticky resins but on quaternary polymers which energize the hair at each application. Can be applied on wet hair after washing for long-lasting hold. Ideal on dry hair to keep the set. Do not rinse.

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