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Anti-Aging Products

If you look good it helps you feel great.

Beauty is the result of having a pleasant personality, self-confidence, intelligence, sense of humor and healthy skin.
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Lotum Antiwrinkle Cream is a Revolutionary regenerating anti-wrinkle treatment.

Specially formulated to restore moisture, firmness and elasticity, this brand new cream helps cancel the premature signs of ageing, remodelling the contours of the face and smoothing wrinkles. Lotum contains the latest discovery in beauty care, Hexapeptide (Argireline), able to control muscle contractions and reduce expression lines and wrinkles caused by repeated facial movements. This treatment is specifically suited to dehydrated, stressed and ageing skin that has lost its elasticity. It has immediate soothing effects which result in firmer, more toned skin with new vitality. Lotum is also recommended as a treatment after exposure to UV rays and intense cosmetic treatments.

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Anti Ageing Day and Night Cream - Antiwrinkles Cream pH 5.9

Treat your skin to a specific overnight treatment: with a unique formulation this cream, containing Macadamia, Borage and Evening Primrose oils, all precious plants, enables you to keep your skin youthful and beautiful. It deeply nourishes hydrates and tones the skin tissues. The visibility of the deepest wrinkles reduces considerably thanks to the active ingredients that act in synergy to renew skin when you sleep. It helps, in this way, to fight dryness of the skin and the formation of early wrinkles.

In the morning your face will feel firmer and calmer.

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Improve tone and Elasticity of the Skin

A cream with rich and creamy texture where nature and science have merged creating an extraordinary anti-ageing treatment. A combination of an extract of a plant called botanical caviar and vegetal stem cells obtained through a bio-technological process that acts efficiently to improve tone and elasticity of the skin.

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Himalayan Diamond Cream is an Extraordinary Anti-ageing Treatment.

Himalayan Diamond Cream is a magnificence of a cream to combat all signs of advanced ageing and to give the skin new vitality and beauty. Its multi-active formula, enriched with Cordyceps Sinensis, a precious Tibet's mushroom extract with remarkable antioxidant properties, reduces the depth of wrinkles, neutralizes imperfections eliminating discromia.

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Himalayan Diamond Fluid is an anti-ageing concetrated forumala fluid. It gives a particularly pleasant and silky skin feel which leaves the complexion looking flawless, smooth, renewed.

Enriched with Cordyceps Sinensis, a precious Tibet’s mushroom extract with remarkable tonic-rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. Expression lines look smoothed and skin regains its natural firmness and brightness. Thanks to its velvety texture, rich in nutrients, this fluid gives a particularly pleasant and silky skin feel which leaves the complexion looking flawless, smooth, renewed.

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CELEBRITY Cream is a Revolutionary anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the protein of longevity for skin that is supple, hydrated and radiant.

CELEBRITY Cream EXPLOSION for your face. A biocomplex that flows from our laboratory and consists of three elements that work together and act as sirtuin stimulators. The biocomplex is accompanied by an emulsifier derived from the rose plant with amazing sensory effects. Antioxidants that are skillfully blended reduce oxidative stress.

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B T Y Plumping Vegetal Cream
Intensive repair cream to correct expression lines

This revolutionary biotechnological anti-ageing complex neutralizes micro-cutaneous tension and expression lines. Thanks to its patented B.T.Y complex, the skin will appear more compact and unbelievably supple from the very first application, as the cream “plumps out” existing wrinkles and combats the formation of expression lines.

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Revitalising and smoothing day cream with Mallow extract.

The curative powers of Mallow have been well known since ancient times. Today its active ingredients, together with other specific elements contained in this cream, form an excellent revitalizing, softening and smoothing treatment. It not only increases the moisture levels of the skin, but also effectively stimulates the natural processes that maintain long term skin water balance. Only in this way can your tired and lacklustre skin rediscover new energy to fight the harmful effects of sunlight and temperature changes. For these reasons, Super Mallow Day Cream is also an excellent base for your make-up.

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Anti-Aging for Mature Skin

This cream encourages the skin regeneration thanks to its anti-ageing nourishing and moisturizing complexes, by soothing mature skin and reducing typical problems like sagging and wrinkling. Ideal also for sensitive and irritated skins.

With sun filters SPF 15.

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The best ingredients for your skin come from Swiss cosmetic tradition. Our laboratories have worked with nature to create a fluid cream that produces the best results for your skin. The product allows the active ingredients to be absorbed into your skin efficiently. The HL complex was created by the work of a team of the best laboratory technicians. Pichia Pastoris is produced through fermentation, a type of beer yeast, in the presence of Resveratrol.

The yeast uses Resveratrol as a nutritional substance and metabolizes it completely in its most available form. Through this complex it was demonstrated that more oxygen flows to the cells when the ageing process is slowed down and they help in the production of collagen. Through this, there is an improvement in the colour of the skin, the skin tone and its resistance which then reduces lines and wrinkles

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Revolutionary formula based on the exclusive technology “Secret 7 Complex”.
Skin’s tone becomes uniform, flawless, visibly brighter and youthful.


 A perfect alchemy of 7 active plants, able to reactivate the energy flows in cellular communication and to act on the skin’s balance to limit and correct loss of firmness and elasticity, by fighting wrinkles formation.