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Face & Acne Treatments

All this amazing Locherber's products aid in skin rejuvenation while nourishing and hydrating the devitalized skin.

Moisturise & Acne Treatments offer skincare solutions to  excess sebum production and inefficient desquamation that is the first caus of acne and others skin care problems.
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Hypnotic Viper Cream is a Regenerating Cream for Mature Skin.

A new technology for amazing results never seen before! A peptide simulating the poison of a viper, together with hyaluronic acid, reduces appearance of wrinkles in a remarkable way, maintaining the skin supple and firm.

Natural extracts of Shea butter, Rose hip oil and Plantain stimulating collagen production, are very important for the regeneration and the restoring of the skin, thus keeping it young and elastic.

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This formula has been specially designed for smoothing, shaping, firming and regenerating mature skins. Lifting  Cream pH 5.6 Specially for the face, neck and decolletage.

The harmony of female beauty depends on the most visible parts of a woman’s body: face, neck, décolletage, arms. These are also more exposed to external agents which, together with the passing of time, contribute towards premature ageing of the skin. For the first time, only natural active ingredients are blended here to create a synergy that guarantees extraordinary results.

City Cream

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City Cream for Sensitive and Stressed Skin. Helps combat the negative effects of free radicals that can damage the skin’s appearance.

With extracts of Hypericum. This special formula contains important active ingredients that nourish, hydrate and protect the skin helping to rebalance the its natural barriers and repair the visible signs of ageing. It helps combat the negative effects of free radicals that can damage the skin’s appearance. It creates a protective barrier from the harmful external environment such as UV rays and pollution, allowing the skin to breathe. Suitable for daily use. It is recommended as an ideal day cream during periods of stress, travel or sports. Visible result: stress-free, younger and healthier looking skin. Contains UV filters.

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Dark Spots Cream

In the morning your face will feel firmer and calmer. There are many reasons for the appearance of age spots on the face, neck, décolleté and hands such as time, exposure to harmful UV rays and certain medications. This cream formulated with a complex of ingredients accurately chosen thanks to their hydrating, energizing, brightening and protecting properties helps to combat and treat age spots. If this cream is used regularly your skin will look brighter, younger with a more even tone.

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Regenerating Moisturizing Emulsion, This source of deep hydration for dry skins should be used every time your skin is thirsty!

It is extra-smoothing even in extreme conditions and suitable for all skin types.

It penetrates instantly, leaving a sensation of immediate well-being. A specific treatment fluid, rich but not oily, enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, also used in plastic surgery to avoid the collapse of collagen fibres, it smoothes small wrinkles and fights the skin ageing process. For all skin types, the immediate beauty effect transforms the look of your skin, leaving it smooth, vital, regenerated, soft and velvety in depth. It contrasts and corrects skin alteration due to stress and increases the natural defences against all climactic and environmental conditions, reducing the signs of ageing.

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Hydrating and brightening serum for tired and dull skin.

This Firming Serum is ideal as a specific, intensive treatment to firm and smooth face and neck skin tissues and defend the skin from attack by external agents and free radicals. A valid energy booster for skin cell growth, it contains the three essential Vitamins for skin care (Vitamin A, E, D) and extract of Echinacea that possesses smoothing, firming and anti-wrinkle properties. It is recommended for treating dry, dull, lacklustre skin, because it activates the regenerative mechanisms of the tissues

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This special innovative formula contains Milk enzymes which are well-known for their anti-microbial, refreshing and brightening properties.
It restores the natural acid pH of the skin, freeing it from blemishes and giving it radiance and uniformity thanks to the Vitamin E contained in the Wheat germ. It visibly improves the surface condition of the skin, which appears purified, soft and smooth.
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This cream, a combination of botanical, scientific and biotechnological elements, is specially designed for mixed skins. It normalizes the skin by regulating the production of grease, leaving the skin even, moisturized, compact and non-shiny.

A very special concentrated T-Zone (forehead, nose, chin) cream that acts against the two main causes of shine: excess grease and environmental factors such as humidity and perspiration, thanks to the use of natural substances with dulling anti-shine effects. Its delicate formula is guaranteed long-lasting and leaves the skin soft, purified and moisturized thanks to invisible protection. Does not dry the skin.

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Day and Night Cream Sensitive Skin - Couperose 24 hours Cream pH 6.1 is a

Sunlight, changes in temperature, overheated environments, air conditioning and air pollution are the main enemies and primary causes of this anti-aesthetic condition, particularly when the skin is sensitive, thin, pale and delicate with Couperose. The applied cream creates a protective barrier that reinforces the skin’s defences during the day, regenerating skin’s self-defense during the nightly rest. The various plant extracts work in synergy, stimulating the peripheral microcirculation of the capillaries, increasing their resistance to external attack.

Couperose Night Cream pH 7

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A breakthrough combination of active botanical soothing ingredients to regulate the micro-circulation process of the skin. This special night formula helps skin feel totally at peace, rebuild its natural defence barrier and maintain skin’s moisture balance without blocking the pores.

Thanks to the plant extracts (Horse Chestnut, Butcher’s Broom and Mallow), this instantly penetrating cream calms, relieves, nourishes and prevents the formation of anti-aesthetic features.

Result: the complexion becomes more even, couperose and reddening intensity are visibly toned down, the complexion is radiant and brightened.

Best used in conjunction with Day Couperose Cream to reinforce the effects.

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For oily skin with acne

Ideal for use in conjunction with the cream, this mask helps to accelerate results, thus becoming a really intensive therapy for oily skin with blackheads and acne.

Thanks to its formula of specific natural ingredients it draws out impurities that can block pores. It is a gentle masque that works without irritating the skin. Leaves skin feeling instantly brighter, smoother, fresher and ready to receive the benefits of further treatment.

Purifying Gel pH 5.8

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For oily skin with acne

Skin cleansing is always recommended but becomes absolutely indispensable in the presence of excessive oily skin secretions. This special gel is a perfect solution to foam away the remains of the day (facial dirt and oil, sun-screens and blemish-causing bacteria). Its natural antiseptic ingredients work to clear and prevent blemishes. The effects of this product, used daily, are to soften, restore, purify and soothe, with its toning, antiseptic and regulating properties

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For oily skin with acne

Skin that tends to be oily, with excessive sebaceous secretions, generally stays younger and is more resistant to the formation of wrinkles and the passing of time than dry skin. Unfortunately, however, its defects must be eliminated early on, before they worsen and lead to the formation of pimples and blackheads. This innovative formulation thanks to its natural ingredients combats excess sebum and flushes impurities freeing up the pores. This gentle cream penetrates deep into the skin and evens the skin tone leaving it fresher and brighter.

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