Gold 24 K Line

Enjoy the feeling of young-looking and glowing skin, strengthened and refreshed thanks to the brilliant effect of Locherber GOLD 24K.

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Aura-28 peptide in bio conjunction with colloidal gold gives luminosity

Aura-28 peptide in bio conjunction with colloidal gold gives luminosity reducing to a minimum the appearance of fine wrinkles of the eye contour area. Improves the tone of your skin leaving it firm and glowing.

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Revitalizing Feeling
To fight premature signs of skin ageing, this aqueous cream provides the skin with all the beneficial and precious active ingredients that it needs. The remarkable consistency of the product gives the skin a strong feeling of well-being. Result: Improvement in elasticity and hydration, therefore more radiant, glowing and youthful skin.

GOLD 24K Mask

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GOLD 24K Face Mask provides intensive hydration

A perfect combination of efficient active ingredients and colloidal gold provides intensive hydration, thus restoring the natural balance of the skin and improving its softness and luminosity.

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Contrast the first signs of ageing
Intensive serum with special action to moisturizing, performing and revitalising the connective tissues; its active ingredients help contrast the first signs of ageing, thus leaving your skin luminous and firm.HOW TO USE: Apply a few drops of this serum with fingertips and spread over cleansed face and neck.

CONTAINS: Colloidal gold, plant extracts.

Parabens free

Not tested on animals

Nickel tested

Dermatological tested