Sanotint News

Please note that the Sanotint Natural Hair Dye's formula is quite different.

New Sanotint  is  RESORCINOL FREE.

You will notice this change with the new packaging, the warning on the old pacakpackaging say:
The Sanotint Light May Contain:
• p-Aminophenol
• Toluene 2,5-
• Diamine Sulfate

If you feel that the new sanotint does not coverage  grays as it did before, you just can let the product on your hair more time for example 45 to 60 minutes.

We also would like to recommend that you visit the site of Cornelia Dum, who is a wonderful Canadian  woman, who is a survey of breast cancer, she shared with the world her efforts. She created a Guide with a wealth of information about non-toxic  hygiene, beauty care and cosmetics products to help us stop polluting our bodies, she affirms that there is  a solution which enable us to remain healthy and beautiful.  

All of us would like to know  what products to use, which solutions are available and what products are available to counter and minimize the risks.

When one of her  readers asked her, "What product do you use to color your hair."  This is what Cornelia said....

"I use the Sanotint Light Blond, almost every three weeks, at least I avoid the PPD…. apart from gray hair or shaving my head and wearing a wig, I did not find any other safe and effective solution…good luck to you!."


See her investigation here

Note we removed the price that she wrote on her note, becuase it was for retailers.

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