Recommended Method to Get Best Results with Sanotint Hair Colour

Want to change your hair colour or lighten your hair colour a couple of shades?

Sanotint brings you its full range of Natural Permanent Hair Color Line that includes 42 different shades of naural permanet hair colours you can choose from. Whether you are looking for grey coverage or interested in changing your hair colour, Sanotint offers you great choice.

And if you are looking for a shade that is lighter than the colours in the color chart, we have the perfect alternatives. With Sanotint Lightening Kit, you can customise the Sanotint Hair Colours to get the exact shade of your choice. Simply mix the Lightening Kit with any of our Sanotint Natural Permanent Hair Dye Colours and get up to two shades lighter colour.

Wondering how to mix Sanotint Natural Permanent Hair Colour with the Sanotint Lightening Kit to obtain a shade of colour that you like? 

Follow these Steps for Best Results - 

Mixing the Sanotint Natural Permanent Hair Color

1. In a mixing bowl, empty half the contents of the Sanotint Natural Permanent Hair Colour Tube not forgot to close the tube immediately. Using your fingers, push out any excess air from the tube in an upward motion, from the bottom of the tube to the top. in case that you want to use the remain after.

2. Fold the empty portion of the tube till you reach the part that has the left over hair colour. Keep it safely for your next use (can be used up to three to six months if cap is closed immediately after use.) 

3. Open the bottle of Fixative / Activator and pour half of its content into the bowl. Hold it up against the light to make sure you have poured half the content of the bottle.

4. Now, use a mixing brush to mix the contents of the bowl. As the oxidation process begins, the mixture will slowly get a crème-like texture and turn grey in colour from the original white colour. 

Mixing the Sanotint Lightening Kit Ingredients with the Hair Colour

1. Open the Lightening Kit and take out one Lightening pouch, and one bottle of Fixative / Activator. If this is your first time, it is recommended to experiment with half the content of one pouch and half the content of one bottle of Fixative to check the results.

If you find the colour too dark and wish to get a lighter tone, next time you can use all the content of one Lightening pouch and one bottle of Fixative which usually gives two to three tones lighter shade.

2. Pour the ingredients into the bowl containing your hair colour and mix using the brush. As soon as the ingredients are mixed thoroughly within two to three minutes, apply the mixture to your hair immediately without any delay.

3. Wait for 20 – 50 minutes, depending on the colour you have applied.

If you are using a particular hair colour for the first time, it will take more time for the colour to show on your hair. However, as you use it again, the colour will start showing well. Be ready to experiment!

What’s more, you can even lighten your own hair colour by two to three shades or create a customised look with streaks and flashes, using Sanotint’s Lightening Kit!

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