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Here you can find many questions about  how Sanotint the best natural hair dye works.

Sanotint is the answer you were looking for your hair.

Here you can find many question about hair dyes and how Sanotint works.  

Recent Ask Questions by Customers


1) Why In Sanotint Light does it say to do a patch test for people sensitive to PPD? Is there still some in the product and how risky is it if someone is allergic to it?  

With many people that have allergies, depending on how long they have had the allergy, how sever the allergy was and if they have a low immune system, they become susceptible to other allergens.    We had recently received communications from a client that did experience a minor reaction to the SANOTINT Light (less than 2% of those that have PPD allergies, will still react to SANOTINT Light).  She had gone to her dermatologist, and he had performed 80 patch tests.  The  results were as follows, over and above her allergy to PPD, she had reacted to 5 other ingredients, 3 were natural and two were minor synthetics.


Therefore, the warning is there because you may have a reaction to something else and you may not know about it.

La Vita Nuova Has a money back guarantee, if you experience a reaction to the product, we will refund your money for the product.

2) At the very end under the ingredients for Restructuring Balm it's mentioned what the natural permanet Hair dye Sanotint light may contain.  If so, why is it that it' says "may contain p-aminophenol etc..."?  Why don't you know whether it does or doesn't.  

The may contain refers to the pigment, and states may contain, as some Sanotint Natural hair colors do contain these ingredients and others do not.  If let us know which colors you are interested in, we can inform you if the color contains it or not.  Instead of having a different box for each color, they have a standard box for all of the colors and then identify the color by adding a tab.

La Vita Nuova has thousands of customers, that have severe allergies to PPD, that use the SANOTINT light and less than 3% may react.  We do have a money back guarantee, that if you do react to the best Natural hair coloring product, we will refund the money for the product.

3)  Is Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate a PPD (para-Phenilendiammine)?

 Sanotint Light is  PPD free. (NO para-Phenilendiammine). This product has been especially formulated for people with sensitive skin.  There are sites and articles on the internet that discuss PPD, 

Alternative names for paraphenylenediamine

      PPD or PPDA

      Phenylenediamine base






      para-Diaminobenzene (p-Diaminobenzene)

      para-Aminoaniline (p-Aminoaniline)




Out of 100% of customer who have PPD allergies, less than 3% will experience a reaction to some other ingredient, either from a synthetic or natural ingredient.  In the last five years, less than 3% had experienced a reaction to SANOTINT Light.  Out of the 3%, the majority had identified that reactions were caused by some other ingredient.


If Toluene-2,5-Diamine Sulfate were a derivative, nearly 100% of those with PPD allergies would have reacted to SANOTINT light.


If you do have allergies to Hair Dyes, and you are trying a NEW Product, whether it is SANOTINT or any other hair dye, it is always recommended that you perform a patch test first.

 4) What is SANOTINT's Shelf Life?


If SANOTINT Hair Dye is left in its containers, un-opened and in a controlled environment, it will last up to 7 years, before it will lose its effectiveness.


Once the containers have been opened, the product which has not been dispensed, the product will have a shelf life of up to 7 months before it will lose its effectiveness, assuming that it has been tightly resealed and stored in a controlled environment.

5) Where is SANOTINT Manufactured?


 SANOTINT is manufactured by Cosval SPA., which is located in Milan Italy.  Cosval has been manufacturing quality natural products for more than 50 years.

6) I am using other Natural Hair dye right now. Is there any difference between the Sanotint Natural Hair Dye and this other Natural Dyes?

 Most other Natural Hair dyes damage hair, by drying it or stripping the nutrients from the hair.

The one thing that SANOTINT has the all other products do not, is Golden Millet, which simply is a very healthy plant extract, which is used in SANOTINT as a beauty nutrient for hair, skin and nails known for centuries. And over the past few decades, millet’s positive effect has been rediscovered.  Golden Millet is very rich in Silica, which is very important for hair health.


7) Does your LIGHT hair dye contain LESS hydrogen peroxide as the standard amount in commercial  hair dyes?

Yes, the peroxide is far less than the typical hair dyes.

Also, I am new to hair dying so excuse my ignorance but I understand that they are permanent but do they fade over time or do they have to grow and get snipped as time goes on for the color to leave? 

They do fade over a period of time, like a typical dye does.

Also, I have jet black hair, the darkest hair color known to man. Do you have any tips or advice on any semi permanent or permanent hair colors that will SHOW well in my dark hair? Or do I have to bleach my hair for any color to show?

The SANOTINT Light line does contain a black.

Also, one more question, does bleaching your hair permanently change the natural texture and hair follicles of the hair, even the natural new growth and natural hair color over time?

Bleach does harm your hair over a period of time.


 8) If I used your permanent dye's with no PPD in them, how long do they last? Also, do your permanent dyes contain hydrogen peroxide? If I used them, will my hair eventually return to it's natural color?

The SANOTITNT Light hair dye, which is PPD Free, lasts approximately 4 to 5 weeks, before you need to refresh by another application.  Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need to touch your roots, before you need to performa complete color application.

The activator does contain a little hydrogen peroxide.  Since these are deposit only colors, they contain between 6 to 10% per volume, which is sufficient to open the cuticles of your hair, in order to allow the pigment to be deposited.

Like a typical hair dye, with time your original hair color will eventual return.

9) First of all, thank you for the products - I am happy to have found Sanotint Light. I am naturally med brunette with a lot of very stubborn grey. I prefer something Dark Blonde, I'm willing to try a few colors, if you can recommend any options with more coverage.?

With regards to the grey coverage, we have found that some customers with stubborn grey needed to leave the product on for about an hour and a half.  You may want to leave it on a few more minutes to see if the hair continues to deposit.


10) I've been using your Sanotint light black for almost 2 years and the last few months I’ve noticed the color is not lasting in my hair well. It seems like I only get 2 weeks out of it now. I really don’t want to switch to the Sanotint classic but I’m not sure that will make a difference. I also have my mom using the hair dye as well and she is having the same problem. Did you change the formula? I love this product but I hate having to dye it twice a month.


_Yes the formula is quite different and in the new colors are RESORCINOL FREE.


In that time you can switch in every case to the classic black.  It is not a problem if you are not allergic to PPD  !!!


But the 71 black light is a good color and you have only to let the color on your head for a longer time, example 40 minutes or more.

11) What are the  exact directions for the allergy test. I want the amount in  measurements of each solution to apply.

It is recommended that you mix a very small amount of the liquid activator and the cream pigment and apply it on the inner part of the fleshy elbow.

This should be repeated for up to three days if you had experienced severe reaction to PPD, and then you should wait for approximately 5 additional days, as there have been studies that have had people react, nearly a week later.


12 ) how I can archive a nice color without red?

I use the 84 It was pretty good- a bit too red still. how I can archive a nice color without red?

I still love the product - color is rich - hair is healthy - just can't quite get the best shade.

If you like the Natural look, but do not like the red, then we would recommend that you mix some #72 Bright Ash Chestnut with your favorite color to minimize or cut the red.


13). Saw that a woman bought additional boxes to have on hand for root touch up.  Could you tell me how to do that too?


For root touch-ups, we recommend that you follow the same process that you would when regularly dye your hair.  Preparation is the same, and the application is the same, except that the product is applied to the roots only and at the end of the duration of the application to the roots, the product is pulled through the rest of the hair.  This then is allowed to sit for another 15 to 20 minutes, in order to allow for an even color tone.


14). Hi, I have long hair, about 1/2 way down my back, but it is thin.  Could you tell me if one box of Sanotint Light 79 - natural blonde is enough to cover long hair.

Based on how long and how thick, you would require at minimum 2 boxes and possibly 1/2 of a third box

15) I would like to keep highlights.  Does this product give one full  color or will highlights that I have from commercial highlighting and/or those naturally occurring still show through?  

Please note that except for the  sanotint #87 and the #88, all other colors are a deposit only color and does not lift pigment.  #87 and #88 does lift between 1 and 3 shades.

The results will depend on the contrast between your natural color and the highlights.  If your natural color is dark brown and your highlights are a very light blonde, then when you apply the #79, very little of the color will come through on the dark brown hair, and the highlights will come through lighter.  Depending on how much red comes through your hair, the highlights may show some reddish tinges.


If your hair is close to the #79, then your hair will change to the shade of the #79 Natural blonde, and if you leave the hair dye on a little longer, the highlights will approach the same shade as the rest of the hair, giving an even tone throughout the hair.


16). If you have a product that promotes highlights in the natural blonde tones, which I am now,  could you tell me what that is? 

 We would recommend the use of the Sanotint Lightening Kit, which you will find if you click on the link below and scroll down until you find the Sanotint lightening Kit.  This is a peroxide based pigment lift, and therefore you follow similar procedures as when applying foils or pulling through a cap.


17). One things is that I "pull red" tones and can easily get brassy.  Commercial coloring has often turned out with orange/red and/or greenish tones, which are truly horrible!   So I'm wondering if the Sanotint #79 Natural Blonde Sanotint Light would pull more red or if #88 Extra Light Blonde would be a better choice?


If your hair pulls through red, then we recommend that you try mixing 3/4 of the #79 and 1/4 of the #72 Bright Ash Chestnut, which is used to help cut the re


 18). What will be the best way to change my hair color?

First take a look at the  shade that you have now.  I recommend only change up two shades lighter or darker  than your current colour. The same rule of thumb applies whether you’re going lighter or darker: Stay within 2 shades of your base colour. for example if you have medium brown hair, you could go light brown or dark blonde. If your final goal is light blonde, it may take a few colourings, but you’ll be happier with the result.  Dramatic changes of shade of your color sometimes not bring the best results.


I have a couple questions about Sanotint and Sanotint Light hair dye.


19).  How often can they be used Sanotint Natural hair dye?  I have found that hair color washes out of my hair faster than I think it should.

 Is it safe to use Sanotint or Sanotint Light as often as every 2 weeks if needed?


20).  Your website instructions say it is important to use the provided Sanotint Living conditioner to seal the hair.  After using the provided conditioner, can I then immediately wash it out and use my usual conditioner, or does it need time to do it's thing?  I ask because I have a fragrance sensitivity (I get migraine headaches from perfume smells), and I'm assuming your conditioner will have some sort of scent that will linger in my hair.


Yes, you can use Sanotint every two weeks.

We recommend to use the restructuring conditioner that is living conditioner to seal the hair, when you not use it the color go away faster.

I recommend try it fist if you get migraine headaches, not use or you can wash it out and use your usual conditioner I hope it can be color care conditioner.

Sanotint Restructuring Conditioner

Does not contain derivatives of animal origin

product not tested on animals

Does not contain derivatives of mineral origin

Dermatological tested

Alcohol free

Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin

GMO free

Does not contain added metals


  21) I need your help. My natural hair color is dark brown with a bit of red highlights. I have always colored my hair without any concerns. Within the last few years, everything changed. I have some health issues and now any color that is used, my hair turns black. My stylist uses Aveda hair colour but the colour always cone out black. I hate my hair color. I have yellow undertones and with the black hair, I look awful. Any suggestions on what I could use to help me get my hair color back? Your help is greatly appreciated.


We know that some medications do affect hair color, it maybe the reason your color  becomes black.

You may want to considered to trying our Sanotint hair color.   Also, note that many European products, when left on too long, the colour becomes very intense and rich, and becomes so dark that it approaches a shade the almost looks black.

Our Sanotint line has a 97% customer satisfaction, we also have a multitude of testimonials, which tell their stories about how they were extremely surprised with the products grey coverage and how their hair went from dry dull to having a rejuvenated healthy full feel and look.

If you do not any allergies to PPD, for a natural alternative I would recommend you try our Natural Permanent Hair dye Sanotint Classic Natural brown #03, or if you are experiencing allergies to PPD, I would recommend our Sanotint Light for sensitive skin #73 Natural brown.

22) I am seriously allergic to ppd s    have such a fear  of dye  but want to try something  loving care was fine   wondering  if  your product   has a sample patch test.

We understand your fear, 80% of our customers come to us with very bad experiences with other hair dyes.  SANOTINT Light is PPD free, it is a very clean product when compared to other natural hair dyes. Unfortunately, we don’t have sample hair dyes to perform allergy patch tests.  We do offer a refund for the cost of the product if you have a reaction, or we can offer as a last resort our temporary hair dye Sanotint Reflex for ultra sensitive skin, which can be used on hair with up to 40% grey hair and it washes out within 5 washes.  The Sanotint Reflex is PPD Free, Paraben Free, Peroxide Free and Ammonia Free.


23) Is the Sanotint classic more reliable in covering greys?. I would say that I am about 50% grey and that they are quite stubborn. I would prefer to purchase the light rather than classic but don't want to if it doesn't cover the greys well. Also do you have to just put the dye on your grey's only or can you put it throughout your hair as if you put it throughout your hair the dye keeps piling up each time  and damages your hair.


If you prefer the Sanotint Light, that would be great.  I use the Sanotint Light with perfect grey coverage as  I too have stubborn grey hair. 

 I would like to recommend that you apply it to the grey hair patches first and leave for 15 minutes, then apply ti the rest of the hair leave it for an additional 40 to 45 minutes. If your hair is particularly stubborn, we have had some customers leave it on the stubborn grey for up to one and a half hours to achieve proper penetration of the hair shaft.   I spend 1 hour with the product and I am very happy with the results.

I will make the following offer to you, that if Sanotint Light does not cover your gray, I will send a replacement in the classic version, on your next purchase.


24) I just ordered your product Classic Mocha 25 and look forward to trying it.

Since I have not used your hair color before, I wondered if I should just do my grey roots first for 20 minutes and then apply to the rest of my hair,  or should I apply to the whole head since it is a new color?

Somethings to consider, to have the best result with Sanotint.

1. If your hair looks uniform, in other words all your hair is almost the same color and  you are changing the color, I would recommend that you apply the color on all your hair, starting on the roots, and working your way through the rest of the hair. In this case you do not need to wait after apply on the roots.

2. If you have a lot of greys on the roots, then start the application on the roots and wait 10 to 15 minutes before you apply it to the rest of your hair.

As soon as the ingredients are mixed (Bottle of Fixative / Activator and tube of Hair Colour) thoroughly within two to three minutes, apply the mixture to your hair without delay, because the oxidation process begins. If you wait too long  the mixture will not work as well. So I  highly recommend that you split the quantity of the product and first mix what you will use for the roots and after 10 to 15 minutes, begin to mix what you need to apply for the rest of your hair. 

 If you are using Sanotint hair colour for the first time, it is possible that it will take more time for the colour to show on your hair, However as you use it again, the colour will start showing very well.

25) Can I re-dye my hair tomorrow morning? I colored my hair yesterday?

I suggest waiting more days to dye your hair again. Because your hair can be damaged if you do it too close, and it will need time to repair.
I learn one trick from a stylist; maybe you want to try it.
Prepare a bit quantity of  your usual Sanotint hair dye as you always do and put it into a bottle with your the Sanotint shampoo add water and shake it. Apply this mixture on your dry hair wait 5 minutes and wash your hair.





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