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Hair Dye Accesories Sanotint

If you are tired of paying top dollar for tinting your hair  at the salon, you can always  color your hair at home, with the best Natural Hair Dye, Sanotint.

With  an easy technique, you can make your hair look great.

Make sure that your hair is clean, before applying the hair dye, it can make a big difference with your color. If you wash your hair the day before, you will achieve the best results.

Hair Colouring Brush

This special Hair Colouring Brush makes applying Sanotint “do-it-yourself” hair colour easy.
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Hair Colouring Comb

Hair Colouring Comb This comb will be your special instrument at Sanotint “do-it-yourself “ hair colouring times or else you can use it every day to style your hair.
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Hair Colouring Bowl

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Hair Dye Accesories

Buy all three Hair Colour Accessories.
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