Cleanse - Tone & Exfoliators

Clean the face is the first secret to lovely skin.

Locherber offers this extraordinary collection of gentle cleansers and  exfoliators, made with the most gentile  natural extract, just to prepare a real treatment to beauty skin, actively nurturing, balancing the skin while is cleanse.

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This light, delicate milk has been specially formulated for deep, refined skin cleansing, even for the most sensitive, delicate and dry skin types.

Suitable also for young skin, it cleanses and moisturizes, preparing the skin for make-up or other treatment. It removes grease, impurities and make-up. The skin will appear smoother, more glowing, softer and hydrated, maintaining excellent condition.

Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover pH 6.2 Hydrating and toning. No added perfume.

Safely removes eye make-up. Thanks to the Eyebright extract, an authentic ophthalmic plant, this product performs an anti-irritating action all around the delicate eye area. Efficiently removes eye liner and mascara.

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With Calendula extract, for all skin types

This fresh, gentle liquid absorbs instantly and is an ideal aid in daily skin cleansing. It refreshes, hydrates and tones the skin deeply. The epidermis appears radiant, even, fresh and smooth. It revives and moisturizes the complexion, enhancing its glow. It is not just a tonic but an active aid for skin care and beauty which prepares the skin to receive the benefits of further treatment

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Gently removes make-up and dirt

Every day, facial skin comes under attack from external agents: pollution, grease, impurities, make-up. This practical, gentle two-way formula cleansing system allows deep cleansing of the face and neck, without harming the skin and prepares it for the application of creams and make-up, while always respecting its natural pH and defences.

It moisturizes and tones, leaving the skin fresh and glowing. In the evening, it prepares the skin for night cream treatment.

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Purifying scrub to eliminate dead cells.

Ultra-gentle blend of Apricot oil and Papaya extract, softens as it polishes away dirt and oil, leaving the skin fresh, deep down clean and smooth. Dual-action exfoliator gently draws out oil and impurities that can block pores and cause blackhead. Prepares the skin to receive the benefits of further treatment.

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Take your time to envelope your body and spirit in a moment of exquisite relaxation and sensuality.
This special aromatic bath fragrance has been created to immerse you in an aura of calm and pleasure for all your senses, leaving your skin feeling incredibly soft and emptying your mind of thoughts.