Why Sanotint is So Special

The creation of the Sanotint has offered the beauty industry the gentlest most effective alternatives to conventional hair dyes. SanoTint is a creative product development, which includes the use of natural extracts and is considered the hallmark of this innovative and successful European group of natural product lines.

SanoTint a Natural Permanent Hair Dye for everyone and those with sensitive skin. The Sanotint Light PPD free (para-Phenilendiammine), Ammonia free, Paraben free, No added Preservatives, No Metals, No Paraffines, No Silicones, No Nickel, No Alcohol, No Derivatives from animals. It contains natural ingredients like Golden Millet extract that is used to protect your hair.


The Sanotint hair dye product line is a permanent hair dye, and is guaranteed by La Vita Nuova Inc with money back guaranteed.


Sanotint is not only special, but some prefer the gentleness and the quality of Sanotint over the many other varieties of natural hair dyes in the market. It will make your hair soft to the touch and it will look healthy and shiny, with a guarantee of perfect grey coverage, without allergic reactions or " headaches" that is experienced some natural and conventional hair dyes, or your money back.


Those who buy Sanotint generally love it as they know, as it promotes health and beauty.


By the way, "SanoTint", means in Italian "Healthy Tints" that is exactly what we want. To be beautiful and healthy, and you have it in here at La Vita Nuova Inc.


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